What Myspace Lost

As Leonardo da Vinci once said, “Myspace was never finished, only abandoned.” Not those words exactly, but if disappeared, and the Louvre burned down, and all libraries were defunded, and a solar flare wiped out all of Earth’s power, and a historian found this sole surviving blogpost 200 years from now, they might equally wonder what was Myspace, and who was Leonardo da Vinci, and did he know the great composer Alice Cooper, whose vinyl records were discovered in a basement in the underwater island of Manhattan? History exists only as long as our artefacts, which survive by miracle or by the tender care of centuries-old institutions that protect them from fire, war, disc rot, magnets, selfies, and Sunday painters. Read More >>

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Behold the Horrible Glory of a Hoarder’s 250,000-Record Vinyl Library

Last year a Canadian record shop called Apollo Music bought a filthy, trash-filled hoarder house. Why? Because it was full of records. At least 250,000. These are a few snapshots from the process, and they show the biggest and saddest collection you'll probably ever see. Read More >>

This Hoarder’s House Is So Messy and Dirty You Can See It From Google Maps

I still find it hard to believe that hoarding is a thing but then I remember people are weird and crazy. Like Richard Baker, a man who's collected, held on to and hoarded so much stuff that you can see it all from Google Maps. Read More >>