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Someone Cut a Model Rocket Engine in Half So You Can See What Happens Inside

Despite only giving you about a second of excitement at launch, model rockets are still a fun way for us (non-billionaires) to live out our dreams of space travel. But have you ever wondered what’s happening inside a model rocket engine while you’re standing a safe distance away from ignition? Read More >>

How I Failed to Become a Drone Pilot

Drones are fun. Let's just get that out there. The small, semi-affordable aircraft that violate some people's privacy, hurt others' faces, and generally cause trouble are super duper fun. They're also very, very complicated. Read More >>

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Okay Sure, Let’s Watch a Real-Life Laser Gun Destroy Raw Pork

What do you like to do in your free time? Play boardgames? Watch Netflix? Cook quinoa? These are all perfectly normal ways to while away your days, but German hobbyist Patrick Priebe builds laser guns. This is a perfectly awesome way to spend your free time. Read More >>

Some Good Things Drones Can (Actually) Do

While everyone is freaking out about Amazon's plan to unleash an army of delivery drones on the world, it's important to remember that these flying robots can do much more than just move packages. Read More >>

This Guy Built a Bot that Sends Him Random Crap From Amazon

What if you could give Christmas gifts to yourself but actually be surprised when you open them up? That's exactly what Darius Kazemi did when he wrote a bot that buys him random crap off of Amazon. And he never has any idea what he's going to get. Read More >>