I Wouldn’t Pay for 2013’s Most Pirated Movie Either

On the heels of Torrentfreak's most pirated TV shows of 2013 is their list of most pirated movies. Not surprisingly, the list doesn't exactly represent the refined cultural taste you might hope. Read More >>

The First Poster For the Next Hobbit Film is Way Mysterious

The first poster for the next Hobbit film has been released in advance of the first trailer (probably coming tomorrow), and and considering it's for a film called Desolation of Smaug, there's not a lot of dragon in it. Probably because of all the desolation crammed in there. Poor Bilbo looks lonely. Read More >>

This Insane Life-Sized Lego Hobbit Bag End Is Made With Two Million Bricks

Lego has made one of their best sets of 2012 at human scale. Made using two (2!!!) million 1x1 bricks—and 3,000 man-hours—it's so big that you can walk inside. It even has a chimney that smokes! Read More >>

The Hobbit
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The Secret Behind The Hobbit’s Epic Sound

The Soundworks Collection has released a mini-documentary about how the epic sound of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey was created. From beginning to end, Peter Jackson's team used more advanced tech than on the original Lord of the Rings trilogy. Read More >>

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Watch Seven Whole-Minutes of The Hobbit Right Now

The latest Tolkien epic to be turned into a movie, The Hobbit, isn't set to be released until December 13th in the UK, but who cares? You can see seven-whole-minutes of the thing right here, right now. Read More >>

The Hobbit Will Use Dolby’s Crazy 128-Element Atmos Sound

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is shaping up to be a groundbreaking event for film technology. First, we heard that Director Peter Jackson shot the film at 48 frames-per-second, and now he's telling us that the film's sound will be mixed for Dolby's ultra-intense new Atmos system. Read More >>

New Lego Hobbit Sets Reveal Movie Secrets

Behold, the Goblin King Battle from The Hobbit, the next movie by Peter Jackson set in the Tolkien's universe. It's a sneak peak of what's coming to theatres on December 14, and it's also a pretty great Lego set, on December 1st. And there are more! Read More >>

This Is The Hobbit in Real Life

We've found the Shire and it exists in Switzerland. Just looking at these houses, built by Peter Vetsch, hidden in the Earth makes you think of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. I want to live there so much. Read More >>

Stupid Hobbit Money Now Legal Tender in New Zealand

Authorities in New Zealand are doing everything they possibly can to cash-in on the publicity the region's about to get thanks to providing the backdrop to Peter Jackson's latest Tolkien production, going so far as minting a range of gold and silver coins starring characters from the series. Read More >>

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The Latest Hobbit Trailer Looks Like Lord of the Rings Hit With a Shrink-O-Ray

We already know the Hobbit is going to be split into not just two films, but three, and that part one, An Unexpected Journey, will be out just before Christmas. But now we know it'll be like Lord of the Rings only pint-sized. Well, in height at least, it'll probably still be way too long just like its older brothers. Read More >>

This Awesome 50,000-Piece Lego Rivendell Was Made by a Kid

The Lego Lord of the Rings sets are pretty neat, but they can't compete with this gigantic version of Rivendell, the Elven town in Middle-earth, home of Elrond and his family. Watch the video and look at the gallery, because it's awesome and it was made by a kid! Read More >>

One Does Not Simply Walk Barefoot Into Mordor With These Hobbit Slippers

Hobbit slippers, it's a fairly simple idea yet we're just really seeing them now nearly 11 years after Hobbits first graced the big screen during The Fellowship of The Ring. Now you can transform your feet into something with such impressive hair it would make Bigfoot jealous, all for only £30-odd all-in, thanks to the great minds at Think Geek. Read More >>

MGM On-Board With UK Netflix Early 2012 Launch

Netflix is coming to the UK and Ireland early next year and MGM is on-board. The pair announced a multi-year deal to see the studio's biggest films make it onto the streaming roster 'within the pay TV window'. Read More >>