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How Olympic Ice Skates are Designed for Speed, Spins, and Swerves

Watching the world-class ice athletes of the Winter Olympics -- whether it's in speed skating, figure skating or hockey -- is a jaw-dropping affair. The speed, control, and dexterity they exhibit while somehow balancing on a metal blade is simply amazing. But what exactly is going on with those blades? Smarter Every Day's Destin Sandlin shows us the fascinating physics and engineering that goes into every pair of Olympic skates. Read More >>

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POV Ice Hockey With Google Glass Is Better Than Rinkside Seats

Watching ice hockey and playing ice hockey are two entirely different experiences. Or at least they were until Joseph Lallouz got his hands on a pair of Google's new wearable computer system and took it to his local skating rink. The result — awesome first person hockey. Hint, hint NHL/Premier League/cricket/golf. Read More >>

Blood, Sweat and Engineers: Technological Innovation and Performance in Sport

Why are humans all over the world so fascinated by sport? It must have something to do with the desire to win. And yet winning isn't just down to how much you want it. Winning, especially at the highest levels, usually involves getting an edge on your opponent through innovation. Or as the Audi slogan goes: "vorsprung durch technik," or advantage through technology. Read More >>

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Watch the Roof of a Stadium Collapse While People Are Still Inside

Don't worry, you can watch the video because no one was hurt in this freak accident. It's crazy, a youth hockey team in Slovakia was actually practicing in the hockey rink as the arena's roof came crashing down. Read More >>