The Age of Media Corporation Mega-Mergers is Robbing Us of Bolder, Fresher Storytelling

Disney isn’t just the first studio to have five pictures cross a billion dollars at the box office in a single year and it isn’t just the biggest film studio right now. It’s the biggest film studio in the history of Hollywood. While investors are likely very pleased with this fact, the company’s series of monster mergers has set off a chain effect with other studios doing their own monster mergers in an effort to keep up. Read More >>

The Boys’ Critique of Megacorporations is Pretty Rich

Vought International, the American company that manages the entire country’s population of licensed superheroes in the world of Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson’s The Boys, is a capitalistic leviathan with tentacles reaching into the worlds of law enforcement, the entertainment industry, the military, and a number of other major parts of general society. Sound familiar? Read More >>

Rotten Tomatoes Changes Audience Reviews to Protect Against Trolls

Rotten Tomatoes is adding a new feature to keep the Audience Score more authentic by verifying that users have seen the movie. And whiny, woman-hating man-babies are going to be pissed off. Read More >>

In Germany, Samuel L Jackson Is Voiced By A White Guy

If you watch a big Hollywood blockbuster in a non-English-speaking country, there's a good chance it'll have been dubbed into the local language – people don't like reading subtitles (especially people seeing Michael Bay films). Read More >>

Neuropsychologist Has a Secret Life as a Bullwhip-Cracking Stuntwoman 

Indiana Jones proved just how useful a good bullwhip can be, both as a tool and as a weapon, but people are still surprised when neuropsychologist Jessica Cail tells them that one of her favourite hobbies is practising whip-cracking. She talks about this peculiar sideline in the latest instalment of the NOVA video series, Secret Life of Scientists. Read More >>

The Truthfulness of Hollywood True Stories, Visualised

We’ve all stumbled out of the cinema from a true-story movie with a strange sense of disbelief: could that really be what happened in real life? Well, this series of visualisations charts the accuracy of Hollywood true stories, so you can find out once and for all. Read More >>

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Kodak Reveals a Digital Super 8 Camera That Records on Film… Wait What?!

Screw 360-degree film cameras on drones or Vines on 16-megapixel smartphones. Kodak’s going old school with these little beauties. The design is inspired by the Super 8 fad from half a century ago, and these new cameras that shoot film on, well, actual film. Read More >>

Megaupload Creator Kim Dotcom Appeals US Extradition Ruling

After years of chasing, threatening, spying and raiding, the US may finally have their man. Kim Dotcom has been deemed eligible to be extradited to the US by a New Zealand court, where he faces up to 20 years behind bars on charges of racketeering and money laundering. Read More >>

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This is How Science Helped Hollywood Make More Realistic Explosions

Everybody knows that embarrassing “nope” moment in the cinema when CGI explosions just don’t look real at all. Fortunately, science has helped Hollywood improve things in recent years — and this video shows how. Read More >>

I Watched Hackers Pull Off a Real-Life Ocean’s 11 Heist 

The scene was set: a surveillance camera, a safe full of money in a Las Vegas casino, a pair of thieves with lock-picking tools and a laptop. I watched in awe as the skinny geeks clipped wires and rewired the feed so that it would loop ad infinitum. Basically, they recreated the climax of Ocean’s 11 before my very eyes. Read More >>

James Cameron is Helping New Zealand to Fund Better Film-Making Drones

Camera-equipped drones swoop and shoot aerial shots for TV and movies with gorgeous Planet Earth grandeur. Now, director James Cameron’s backing a new contest in New Zealand to find drone designs to make the flying cameras even better-suited to Hollywood. Read More >>

Hollywood Blockbuster Movie Trailer Edit Proves They’re all the Same

Ever get a weird feeling of deja vu when watching the movie trailer for this year's stupid CGI fest? You're not the only one, and we now have documentary evidence that all Hollywood trailers are built to the same template thanks to a lovely mash-up of blockbuster footage. Read More >>

Ed Snowden Film Citizenfour Awarded Oscar for Best Documentary in 2014

Citizenfour, Laura Poitras's riveting documentary about Edward Snowden's efforts to shed light on gross surveillance abuses by the United States government and its partners, just won the 2014 Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. Read More >>

Game Lets You Hack the Mainframe Just Like in Jurassic Park

Every nerd born before 1990 knows the Jurassic Park hacking scene. "It's a UNIX system—I know this!" Now, thanks to some nostalgic developers, you too can hack into the mainframe. A newly developed game mimics the 3D interface that Lex conquered to save everyone from the dinosaurs over 20 years ago. It's pretty fun! Read More >>