Prisoners’ Tools Found Hidden in Chimney at Auschwitz

A team working to restore a historic building at the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland have stumbled upon numerous items hidden by prisoners inside a chimney. Read More >>

Pioneering Psychologist Hans Asperger Was a Nazi Sympathiser Who Sent Children to Be Killed, New Evidence Suggests

The term “Asperger’s syndrome” will never be heard the same way again, owing to new research showing that Hans Asperger—the Austrian pediatrician for whom the disorder was named—was an active participant in the Nazi eugenics program, recommending that patients deemed “not fit for life” be sent to a notorious children’s “euthanasia” clinic. Read More >>

Brains of Nazi Victims Uncovered in German Psychiatric Institute

Dozens of brains and brain parts belonging to victims of the Nazi eugenics campaign — and possibly the Holocaust — have been uncovered during renovations at the Max Planck Psychiatric Institute in Munich, Germany. Read More >>

Historic Holocaust Escape Tunnel Discovered in Lithuania

Using ground penetrating radar, a team of archaeologists has uncovered a tunnel dug by Jewish concentration camp prisoners to escape the Nazis. Read More >>

The Amazing Quest to Preserve and Restore 52,000 Holocaust Testimonials

From 1994 to 1999, some 52,000 testimonies from Holocaust survivors and eye-witnesses were recorded on Betamax SP tapes by USC's Shoah Foundation's Institute for Visual History and Education. Last year, a massive preservation project was completed that digitised all the inventory—but about five per cent of the tapes were discovered to be almost completely unwatchable. Time and faulty equipment used at the outset had taken their toll, and many of these clips couldn't be visually parsed at all. Read More >>