What If I Don’t Want to Be a Hologram After I Die?

It’s October 2022, five years after the death of Tom Petty, and you and your family have just arrived at the Hollywood Bowl to see the late musician’s digital resurrection. It’s only lasers, of course, you know this, but as an ultra-realistic Petty zaps to life onstage, it’s a distant truth, washed away by a wave of nostalgia as he strums the opening riff of “Free Fallin’.” It isn’t until hologram Petty uncharacteristically endorses a line of salad dressings that the spell is broken, leaving you with some uncomfortable questions. Read More >>

Scientists Found a Way to Make Inexpensive, Solid-Looking 3D Holograms

Holograms are a mainstay of most any science fiction film set in the not-too-distant future and beyond. But the capabilities of our real-life versions fall drastically short so far. They generally require an extensive set-up, can only be seen correctly from certain angles, and often require special viewing headgear (the famous posthumous performances of Tupac Shakur, Elvis Presley, and Michael Jackson seen in recent years weren’t really holograms, just projections or stage magic). But new research published today in Nature might represent one of the greater leaps forward to date: a way to create a three-dimensional, solid- and clean-looking image that can exist in the same space as other objects and even move. Read More >>

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Using Projectors and Fog, This Artist Created the Creepiest Ghost Effect We’ve Ever Seen

Ever since seeing Princess Leia’s floating hologram in Star Wars, artist Joanie Lemercier has worked to design and realise animations that appear to float in mid-air. His latest experiments are reminiscent of the interactive computers used in the movie Minority Report, but also include one of the most impressive ghost effects we’ve ever seen. Read More >>

You Can Now Print 3D Holograms on Your Inkjet Printer

Creating the types of 3D holograms that are used to authenticate products or currency usually requires very expensive, very complex printers. That’s what makes them so hard to counterfeit. But a team of researchers from MIT have created a new kind of 3D hologram that can be printed on the inkjet printer you probably already have sitting on your desk. Read More >>

The Force Awakens Soundtrack on Vinyl Has 3D Spinning Holograms Etched Onto the Records

Given the resurgence in the popularity of records, Disney didn’t really have to do much to sell copies of The Force Awakens soundtrack now that it’s finally available on vinyl, months after the film’s release. But if you still need a reason to drop $50/£34 on another copy, the records feature 3D holograms etched right onto them. Read More >>

Your Next Phone Might Have a Holographic Glasses-Free 3D Display

Holograms are still mostly science-fiction fodder, but researchers at Queen’s University’s Human Media Lab have developed a prototype smartphone that uses holographic technology to display dynamic 3D images without the need for head tracking or annoying glasses. Read More >>

Holographic Display Cases Could Help Museums Bring Artefacts to Life

Walking through a museum is a wonderful way to learn about history, but you can only glean so much by looking at a random object, or reading a tiny description of it. Using animated holograms, a company called ColliderCase wants to help bring museum exhibits to life. Read More >>

The Notorious B.I.G. Will Come Back to Life as a Hologram

The Tupac hologram is about to have some competition. According to a report from Billboard, Augmented Reality Holographic Technology Media, the company that purports to create “the world’s most believable human holograms”, has secured the digital rights for the Notorious B.I.G.’s hologram. Read More >>

Microsoft’s Latest HoloLens is Here, and it’s Amazing

The HoloLens headset from Microsoft is the world’s first untethered wearable that generates holograms before your eyes. It’s been nearly a year since we first strapped a prototype to our faces, and as the tech goliath prepares to unleash a first batch of units to developers in the coming months, I was invited to check out just how far the technology has come. Holograms are here people — and they’re going to change your life. Read More >>

Cool it With the Dead People Holograms Already

Dead 1970s comedians Andy Kaufman and Redd Foxx are going on tour this year. This is NOT a classic Weekend at Bernie’s scenario. Kaufman and Foxx are touring in hologram format. Read More >>

Google Patents Headmount With Holograms

A new and amazingly futuristic patent application filed by Google has been uncovered, one that sees the tech giant imagining a future where holographic headsets are commonplace and, even more wildly fantastic, that Google Glass had made a comeback. Read More >>

Whitney Houston to be Resurrected Through Hologram Performances

Gone but not forgotten, the late singer Whitney Houston is to make a return of sorts, as her estate has signed a deal that will see her likeness perform across the globe as a hologram. Read More >>

Chief Keef’s Hologram Performances Keep Getting Shut Down 

On Saturday night, police cut power at a concert in the of state of Indiana, to censor a holographic performance by hip hop artist Chief Keef. Read More >>

You Can Feel These Plasma Holograms Made With Femtosecond Lasers

With each passing year, engineers are getting closer to recreating the 3D interface technology that pop culture has rendered so clearly for decades. Read More >>