Microsoft Botched Its First HoloLens Demo of Build 2019

Anything can happen during a live event. Or not happen. As it just so happens, Microsoft Build 2019 opened up with a whole lot of nothing thanks to a botched HoloLens 2 demo. Read More >>

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You Are Not Ready For HoloLens 2

Microsoft figured it out. Tuesday I got my first opportunity to try out the HoloLens 2, and after slipping it over my head and taking a quick moment to calibrate the eye tracking, I was instantly able to move around the room and interact with objects crafted from light. It was annoyingly natural to participate in an AR world. I saw a helicopter floating over the very real sofa, and when I reached for it, the invisible box it was contained in glowed revealing edges I could simply drag and stretch to make the helicopter larger or smaller. With a pinch and a swish, it twirled around. There was nothing on my hands. No special glove or controller. The HoloLens 2 tracked my fingers and knew exactly what to do. It was a perfect interaction. And in the same short amount of time, it became clear that the average person isn’t getting HoloLens any time soon. Read More >>

MWC 2019: Hololens 2 Brings us Augmented Reality That’s Smarter, More Comfortable, and Actually Lets You See Things

Hololens seemed pretty spectacular when it was announced back in 2015. It was a proper augmented reality headset, with holograms, the likes of which we hadn't seen before. Of course in the time since we discovered it wasn't quite as spectacular as we might have thought. The headsets were very impressive, but they had a lot of shortcomings. Shortcomings like the limited field of view, and the fact they were fairly heavy and somewhat uncomfortable as a result. Read More >>

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The First Great iPhone App Grows Up

The very first iPhone apps were universally dull. And then Bloom came out. Brian Eno and Peter Chilvers built the app and released it just a few months after Apple opened the App Store in July 2008. It was immediately obvious that something special was happening. The app was interesting on an artistic level, one that made you reconsider the relationship between technology and music. And my God, these two have done it again with augmented reality. Read More >>

Playing Super Mario Bros. in Real Life is How Video Games Will Finally Get You Off Your Ass

If Microsoft wants a guaranteed way to sell a million Hololens augmented reality headsets, it should listen to Abhishek Singh and pitch the hardware as the ultimate way to get in shape by playing the first level of Super Mario Bros. in real life. Unlike the Wii’s balance board accessory, this might actually help you shed a few pounds. Read More >>

Microsoft Has Trademarked Reality

Microsoft is something of a VR-gaming holdout. While Windows remains the big OS for VR games the company hasn't thrown itself behind the tech, preferring to focus on headsets that can be used as productivity tools. However the company has, days ahead of the E3 gaming show, trademarked the name "Direct Reality" which might a hint of things to come. Read More >>

This Hololens Gate App Will Make You Experience Vertigo

You might have seen the very cool simulation of Portal in Hololens recently. White it demonstrated the ways in which Microsoft’s augmented reality device could replicate the video game’s mechanic of launching objects through portals, it didn’t allow the user to walk through the portals themselves. “HoleLenz Gate” does exactly that and it’s bad for people who are afraid of heights. Read More >>

All the New Features Coming to Windows 10 Creators Update

Microsoft just held a major event for Windows 10 in New York City today, where the company made a bunch of major hardware and software announcements. The event itself was jam-packed with exciting new technology and feature updates, but perhaps the most exciting was the sneak peak into the next major update for Windows 10 dubbed “Creators Update.” Read More >>

Hololens Hands-On: Sci-Fi Gadgetry Come to Life

Holograms are weird. That's my conclusion after giving Microsoft's augmented reality headset a go. It's such a bizarre feeling to put on a headset and up faced with virtual objects projected into real world environments. Even focusing your eyes on something that you know isn't there, rather than the wall behind it, takes a bit of getting used to. Read More >>

Jazzy New Version of Microsoft Paint Shown Off in Demo Clips

Microsoft has decided that it wants Paint to be used for more than just screengrabs, with leaked demonstrations showing off a dramatically different new version of the program. Read More >>

Israeli Army to Use Microsoft HoloLens for AR Wars

The Israeli army's Systems Department has somehow swung the purchase of two Microsoft HoloLens units, by pretending that the AR system might be useful for training its people in how to do war better. Read More >>

Now Anyone Can Buy a Hololens If They’re Rich

Previously, if you wanted Microsoft’s future face machine, also known as a Hololens, you had to sign up through a developer application process. Now, Microsoft is just selling them to anyone who wants one for the low-low-low price of $3,000 (call it £2,250 on conversion). Read More >>

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Subbuteo VR and Five Other Boardgames That Deserve a Virtual Reality Makeover

Missing pieces. Long-forgotten rules. A 12-sided dice short of a dungeon raid. For every good memory of table top boardgames, there's at least one frustrating one to go with them, from the cat scattering the Scrabble board to Dad slyly pocketing a £100 note as the Monopoly banker. Read More >>

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Satya Nadella Thinks Pokémon Go Would be Perfect With Hololens

Pokémon Go fever is spreading like wildfire, and it's only going to get worse now that the game is getting released in more countries (including the UK). It seems like everyone has an opinion on the game, and the latest person to chime in is Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. He thinks Pokémon Go would be go perfectly with Microsoft's Hololens headset. Read More >>