This LG Smart Fridge Has a Windows Brain

Last year, Samsung embedded a giant tablet in the front of a fridge and called the fridge smart. People kind of bought it, and there was much hype. This year Samsung is hoping that some software updates to that fridge tech will set it apart. But it won’t. Instead the Samsung smart fridge must suffer. Because LG one-upped Samsung and made Windows and Android refrigerators. Read More >>

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Sharp Sees a Fridge-Freezer as the Smart Centrepiece of Your Home

Smartphones, smart TVs, smart light bulbs, smart bloody everything. Smart home technology is so hot right now, with this year’s IFA bash absolutely full of the stuff. Even wigs will be connected to the internet. Probably. Hopefully. Read More >>

Dyson 360 Eye Review: Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a Dust-Munching R2-D2, But Its App Sucks

There’s only one chore I actually like doing, and that’s the vacuum cleaning. I’ll scour the skirting boards for the last fleck of dust, doing my best “Bill Murray in Ghostbusters” impression all the while. So of all the jobs I’d happily give over to a robot helper, vacuum cleaning isn’t at the top of my list. And in the past, the performance of robot vacuum cleaners has been so poor as to not worry my professional vacuum cleaning aspirations. Read More >>

YouTube Mash-Up Maestro Mixes LG’s Latest Ad Using Sounds From Home Appliances

We're not saying you're going to be fumbling for the nearest glowsticks and putting LG's latest advert on repeat or anything, but the company's latest creation, made with YouTube mash-up artisté Pogo, will definitely prick your ears up. Made using the sounds and skills of LG's home appliances themselves, Pogo also spliced in bits of audio from LG's old commercials, for a little nod to jingles of ye olden days. Read More >>