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How to Build a Smart Home Where Everything Might Actually Work

The smart home future is here... sort of. But really, how smart are a bunch of different devices all speaking different languages? Unfortunately, the smart home can be very stupid and often takes longer to set up than breathless advertisements imply. We're here to tell you how you can build a smart home where everything works in harmony. Read More >>

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How to Build a Moat to Keep Out the Mongol Horde (and Your Neighbours)

Goddamn Mongolians keep knocking down your city walls? The fix is easy: build a moat. Just follow the instructions from William Gurstelle's new DIY home security manual, Defending Your Castle and you'll have your very own perimeter defence/neighbourhood water hazard filling in no time. Read More >>

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What Actually Happens When You Put Metal in a Microwave

The rule is as simple as it is ubiquitous: don't stick aluminium foil in the microwave if you don't want to have to buy a new microwave. Everybody knows that, right? But, turns out, that old adage might be wrong. Read More >>

The New Click & Grow Herb Garden Does Everything but Harvest Itself

Click and Grow's second generation home hydroponic system launches today that, like its predecessor, provides urban gardeners an organic, pesticide-free, and nearly autonomous herb garden. Except the new Smart Herb Garden doesn't need a bright window spot—it includes its own miniature sun. Read More >>

7 Plants to Scare-Off Burglars, Nosey Neighbours, and Everyone Else

The plant kingdom is full of poisons, thorns, and noxious odours—all of which can be utilised to keep away unwanted human contact. The Metropolitan Police has offered 30 plants to deter thieves, but why stop there? Here are some green solutions to keep away burglars and everyone else. Presented in order from least to most isolating. Read More >>

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How to Grow a Garden in a Garment Box

Cultivating an indoor garden is surprisingly easy these days, even if your studio apartment is only slightly bigger than a shoe box. And with a bit of resourcefulness and some minor MacGyvering, you can grow fresh produce year-round without sacrificing precious wardrobe-space. Read More >>

5 Home Improvement Apps to Help Your Inner Handyman

Whether you're remodeling your kitchen or just fixing a leaky tap, keeping up with your house's basic maintenance is an essential part of home ownership. And with these helpful mobile apps in your tool-belt, you'll be able to tackle virtually any project without having to get your contractor's license. Read More >>

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How Salt and Pepper Became the Yin and Yang of Condiments

They're staples on every dining table and the requisite ingredients in virtually every European cuisine, so inseparable that polite society dictates they always be passed together. Salt and pepper are the undisputed champions of condiments—but how did they get so popular? And why those two spices specifically? Read More >>

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Five Knives Every Home Chef Should Own

Unless you're some sort for Ginsu master, capable of slicing, dicing, and jullienning an entire meal together with a single blade, food prep is a whole lot easier when you use the right knife. Here are the five most essential, versatile cutting implements in a cook's arsenal. Read More >>

A Dog Owner Rigged His Door So That It Unlocks With a Bark

For everyone in the world whose heart has not blackened and shriveled beyond repair, nothing boosts your mood quite like a new family addition in the form of a dog. That is, until you have to wake up at the crack of dawn to let that needy, opposable-thumbless mutt out. But new dog owner and Raspberry Pi enthusiast David Hunt has rigged himself up a highly creative solution: a door that automatically unlocks at your dog's bark—or as he's dubbed it, Pi-Rex. Read More >>

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How to Hide Your House Keys in the Open and Totally Mess With Burglars

Your welcome mat is not a secure key repository, neither is the frame over your door or the suspicious foam-rubber "rock" lurking suspiciously next to your stoop. You might as well leave your doors unlocked. Instead hide your spare where nobody will ever think to look—in plain sight. Read More >>

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Krups EA9000 Automated Espresso Machine: Turn Your Kitchen into a Private Starbucks

You've been standing in line for 15 minutes already as the neck-beards behind the counter discuss the high points of the latest Vampire Weekend release. Do you really pay £5 a cup to put up with this shit? Instead, invest your hard-earned cash in a barista that will get your order right every, single, time. Read More >>

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The 5 Types of Axe Everyone Should Know

The forest isn't just going to lay down and stack itself into timber piles because you asked nicely. You'll need to fell, chop, and hew it into submission. Here are the tools to do it. Read More >>

5 Apps to Turn Your Phone into a Universal Remote

Controlling your home theatre system used to be easy—you simply told your kid to turn the knob and presto, Honeymooners. But today's home theatre packed with feature-rich TVs, cable boxes, AV receivers, and streaming boxes—and all demanding their own remote there's no way the little guy can keep up. Instead, replace your pile of remotes with an app that does everything they can do and more. Read More >>

Dyson Airblade Tap
Hands-On With Dyson’s New 430MPH Airblade Tap

So, last night we heard that Dyson was revolutionising the way we wash our hands with a fancy new Airblade Tap that blasts your hands dry after you've sanitised yourself. Today, Dyson let us have a play in its London lab, so what was it like? Read More >>