London’s “Racist Van” Campaign Banned by Ad Watchdog

The government's controversial Bugger Off Van and its threatening poster message has been banned, not because of its unsavoury nature, but because people complained about the accuracy of the stats it carried. Read More >>

Anti-Racist Van Takes to the Streets of London to Battle Racist Van

Van fight! The horrifying "Racist Van" that's touring parts of London to encourage people who shouldn't be here to bugger off home of their own accord is about to face up to its nemesis -- Anti-Racist Van. Read More >>

What on Earth Is the Home Office Playing At?

After the massive "go home" mobile billboards the government sent out onto the streets of Britain, the Home Office's official Twitter account has taken things a bit far. It's started live-tweeting about raids on alleged illegal immigrants, complete with pixelated pictures showing #immigrationoffenders being carted off by burly cops. There's government transparency, and then there's media showboating. Has the Home Office gone a little too far? Read More >>

Rolling Government Ads Tell Illegal Immigrants to Go Back to Where They Came From

The Home Office is funding a bizarre scheme to get illegal immigrants out of the country, driving a big van around London that offers a handy helpline number people can text for tips if they'd like to get the hell out of the UK. And they'll even get free flights home. Read More >>

Missed Deadlines, Lost Wedding Certificates, and Baffling Incompetence: Welcome to the Home Office

Before I say anything else, allow me to be the first to admit that immigration is a sticky topic. The unavoidable truth is that immigration is one of those topics where both extreme views are incorrect. It is, indeed, true that the UK cannot take on an unlimited number of immigrants from all over the world, no matter how well-educated, well-adjusted, and well-prepared they are for life in the UK. The opposite is also true: The UK economy would suffer greatly from not taking in any immigrants at all. Read More >>

Is the Home Office’s Android NFC Passport Reader App an ID Thief’s Wet Dream?

First of all, did you know there's an NFC chip in passports these days? Wow. That's clever. I should get out more and to the types of places you can't get to by waving a library card at security staff. Secondly, the Home Office has released an Android app you can use to read the data stored within your passport's NFC chip, but there's one peculiar catch... Read More >>

These Disgustingly Gross Home Offices Will Make You Vomit

We've seen some pretty beautiful desktop setups with gorgeous monitors and spotless desks—these desktop setups are not those. In fact, you can think of them as the complete opposite. These home offices are foul, filthy, disgusting, awful and come from the hoarder devil's armpit. You can smell the stench through the pictures. Try not to look or you're going to throw up. Read More >>

Anonymous Having Another Crack at GCHQ This Weekend

The Saturday night hack-a-thon organised by Anonymous will continue this week, with UK-based members of the collective having another go at DDoS-ing the UK government into submission over its controversial extradition rules. Read More >>

Anonymous Takes Out the Home Office Again, But Just Can’t Topple GCHQ

Looks like Anonymous is serious about its hatred of the Home Office website. Having given it a battering just over a week ago, Anonymous again focused its DDoS cannon on the HO site over the weekend, but only managed to take it out for intermittent periods this time; looks like the government is actually learning for once. Read More >>

Anonymous Promises Saturday Night Anti-Government DDoS Entertainment

This weekend saw the Home Office web site taken offline, thanks to coordinated attacks by the Anonymous collective. Designed to highlight the UK's controversial extradition laws, the attacks will continue every Saturday night. Which we'd much rather watch unfold than The Voice. Read More >>