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How to Give Ring and Nest the Boot and Set Up Your Own Home Security Camera

If you want a camera to sit on your mantelpiece and ping your phone every time the dog walks past, you’ve got more choice than ever before. But if you’re worried about what these devices are going to do with your videos, and with your data, there’s another option – build your own bespoke solution. Read More >>

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Simplisafe Black Friday Sale Cuts Prices by 30%

We're mired down in Black Friday sales over here, and SimpliSafe throws another one on the pile with 30 per cent off and a free SimpliCam. Read More >>

Amazon Is Marketing Face Recognition to Police Departments Partnered With Ring: Report

Amazon is marketing its facial recognition software to U.S. police departments that are currently partnered with its home surveillance company, Ring — arrangements that allow police to request access to video footage captured by homeowners. Read More >>

Google Does Good Privacy Thing, Users Revolt

If you own a Google Nest cam, you recently got an email from corporate explaining that you’ll no longer be able to turn off the status light on your camera. The status light is that little green glow that lets you as well as strangers know that a camera (and possibly a human) is watching (and possibly recording). Nest says that it’s preventing people from turning off this light in order to protect people’s privacy, and boy do Nest users hate this. Read More >>

Amazon Just Bought Itself Another Way Into Your Home

Amazon has just been shovelling out smart devices this year, launching a shedload of new Alexa-powered devices including an all-new Echo, the Echo Spot, and the premium Echo Plus. But one category where Amazon’s portfolio feels a bit thin is home security, where its indoor-only Cloud Cam is the company’s sole offering. Read More >>

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How to Turn an Old Smartphone Into a Home Security Camera

Devices like Nest Cam and Canary can keep an eye on your home while you’re away, but all you really need to set up your own home security system is an old phone or tablet you’re not using, an internet connection, and the right app. Here’s how to get started and what you should know. Read More >>

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How to Build a Moat to Keep Out the Mongol Horde (and Your Neighbours)

Goddamn Mongolians keep knocking down your city walls? The fix is easy: build a moat. Just follow the instructions from William Gurstelle's new DIY home security manual, Defending Your Castle and you'll have your very own perimeter defence/neighbourhood water hazard filling in no time. Read More >>