The New Sonos Playbase Is Great, Comes a Little Too Late

There was a brief period of time—think 2011 to 2015, where the pedestal-like soundbar was convenient for TV owners. TVs had become skinnier and sound had ended up crummier as a consequence. Functioning as both speaker and stand, the pedestal was an appealing soundbar-style ideal for TV owners who had no plans to mount a set on their wall, but didn’t have space for a giant sound log resting precariously in front of their set. Sonos’ new Playbase is one of the best pedestal-style sound bars you will be able to buy right now, but, uhh, it’s also way late. Read More >>

Over-Engineered Speaker Cables? Nope, Actual Speakers

Do you live in a bizarre, warped, Escher-style home that's made installing a booming sound system next to impossible? The Anakonda KAN200 might look like a well shielded audio cable, but it's actually a flexible speaker designed to squeeze into spots where traditional boxy speakers don't fit, but still require jam pumping. Read More >>

16 Crazily Over the Top Home Theatres

If you love watching movies but hate the unwashed masses—and happen to have giant heaping truckloads of money—designers and interior architects can offer a simple solution: your very own deluxe in-home movie theatre. Here are some of the most amazing in the world, inspired by everything from Star Wars and Star Trek, to Paris and Egypt, to well, okay a little more Star Trek. Read More >>

LG’s 2013 Speaker Lineup Sounds Pretty Sweet No Matter How You Listen

Not everybody has the available floor space or audiophilic conviction for 9.1 surround sound — sometimes just a sound bar or even headphones may suffice. With the wall of sound-producing devices that LG just unveiled, finding a system to match your situation should be a cinch — even if it is 9.1 surround. Read More >>

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How to Find the Best Seat in a Theatre

Any time you're out to see a show—whether it's actors on stage or Hollywood's latest money grab, the place you sit in relation to the action is vitally important to your viewing enjoyment. But it's not just a matter of preference—there's a science to getting the best seat. Here's where to go to get the most for your ticket money. Read More >>

Smart HDMI Cables Tell You If You’re Getting an SD, HD, or 4K Signal

It's no secret that you don't have to spend a small fortune on the HDMI cables connecting your home theater gear. But that doesn't stop Monster from charging hundreds of pounds for its cords, justifying the costs with features like glowing signal indicators. Read More >>

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The LG Home Theatre 3D Sound Campaign You’ll Actually Want to Look At

The ad campaign LG put out for their new Home Theatre 3D Sound is really pretty brilliant. To convey the idea that you'll be hearing your movie from every angle, they've recreated iconic movie posters, juxtaposing the original with their alternate angle view. Check the gallery. [TrendHunter] Read More >>

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How To Set Up A Wireless Home Theatre System Using Airplay

Lost deposits, shattered drywall, gaping holes vomiting forth a jungle of cables. Home theatre installation is not the most viable option for most folks living in rental units. Even if you own a home, unless you’re both tech and construction savvy, you will probably have to deal with home theatre professionals trying to up-sell you nitrogen-infused, gold-plated HDMI cables while they work their way to a hefty bill. Read More >>

This Strip of Tiny Speakers Could Replace Your Entire Home Theatre Setup

Building a kick-ass home theatre requires lots of money and lots of space for speakers, amps, and other equipment. But THX wants to replace all of that with their new Steerable Line Array speaker system that can discreetly hide under your massive TV. Read More >>

Sony’s 4K Home Projector Eyes-On: You Probably Can’t Tell the Difference Between This and a Theatre Projector

Sony's 4K projector was first announced last year, but they have the thing on display at CES this year. After getting to zone out in a pitch black room where the projector blasted the new Spider Man trailer at full resolution on a 182-inch screen, I'm sold on the idea. Read More >>

Sony Now Makes a Portable Blu-ray Player. Why?

I'm sure there are 3.5 people out there who will put Sony's portable Blu-ray player to great use. It has a 9-inch screen, 4.5 hours of battery life, and 1080p output via HDMI. But for the rest of us, The Sony SX910 is an extremely niche-y, borderline unnecessary piece of tech. Read More >>

Onkyo’s Video Previews Demystify Your Home Theater Inputs

Unless you're a home theater idiot-savant, you probably forget what HDMI port your Xbox or Blu-ray player is connected to, requiring you to randomly cycle through inputs. A task that's now a lot easier with InstaPrevue's live video thumbnail previews. Read More >>

Ridley Scott: Streaming Movies Suck

Three-time Oscar-nominated director of many awesomesauce movies Ridley Scott penned a HuffPo article yesterday, detailing why streaming movies are still vastly inferior to physical media such as Blu-ray. Oh, yeah, Mr. Scott? You're... you're... absolutely right. Sigh. Read More >>

Boston Acoustics SoundWare S System Explodes With Sound Invisibly

For the most part, itty-bitty satellite speakers are just all right—a compromise made for convenience. The new Boston Acoustics SoundWare S system looks like it might actually be able to blow up a room with sound. Read More >>