Dolby Atmos for Your Home: I’ve Heard it, and it Sounds Bloody Brilliant

Dolby Atmos has been the Holy Grail of cinema surround sound since it was first revealed back in April 2012. Allowing filmmakers to turn individual sounds from a movie soundtrack into separate audio objects, it uses an overhead speaker array to put you in the middle of a dome-like soundscape, with trackable audio sources flying all around above you. It’s truly impressive, and is slowly being introduced to more and more multiplexes, and used increasingly by filmmakers. Read More >>

Onkyo Bringing Dolby Atmos to Living Rooms With New Home Theatre Recievers

Dolby Atmos's long-awaited arrival into living rooms is nearly upon us, with Onkyo the first AV receiver manufacturer to announce a range supporting the overhead cinematic sound format. Read More >>

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Matinee-Priced Gifts for Home Theatre Lovers

You don't need to spend a ton of money to enjoy the hell out of movies at home. That's a myth. So if you want to give your special person's TV a boost, you can do it on a budget. Read More >>

Yamaha’s Awesome Affordable Soundbar Now Comes With a Wireless Subwoofer

When the Yamaha YAS-101 came out last year, we marvelled at the perfect balance between the sound quality afforded by its full-range drivers and a price point that wouldn't break the bank. Now the successor — the YAS-201 — is here and instead of packing its bass technology into the bar itself, it has been split off into a wireless sub. Read More >>

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The Ultimate Way to Watch Star Trek Is On Your Own Enterprise Bridge

You're a massive Trekky -- don't worry you're among friends here, we won't judge -- but you feel there's just something missing watching Star Trek on your vanilla 50-inch TV. How about sitting your butt down in an awesome recreation of the bridge of the Starship Enterprise-come-cinema instead? Read More >>

Harman Kardon’s New Home Theatre Gear Is BMW-Expensive

Harman Kardon—you know, the folks who put the sound system in your boss' luxury car—have a batch of new home theatre gear including a the pricey 5.1 channel BDS 770 system. Will it sound good enough for the price tag? Read More >>