Apple’s Got a Fresh Plan to Make HomeKit Actually Useful

When it comes to smart home platforms, Apple HomeKit’s been sort of like the ugly stepchild. Smart home devices were much slower to adopt it than Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, and even though it works well, it required a bit more research to make sure the devices you were buying specifically supported it. Read More >>

Apple’s Securing Your Home Security Cameras With HomeKit

One of the things that people don't like about smart home tech is how insecure they are. That's especially important if you're using a camera, because who wants some creep hacking in and watching you eat dinner? Well Apple's taking steps to secure that. Read More >>

Apple’s HomePod Will Finally Be Available in the UK on the 9th of February

When unexplained delays pushed Apple’s debut smart speaker back from a 2017 release, Apple said it needed “a little more time before it’s ready” and promised an “early 2018" release. Now it seems Apple is making good on its revised launch window, as the HomePod will officially go on sale on February 9th. Read More >>

Apple’s Answer to the Amazon Echo Sounds Creepy

According to a new report from Bloomberg, Apple is moving forward with plans for a smart home hub, joining the Amazon Echo and the upcoming Google Home device in the battle to take over your house. Read More >>

HomeKit Will Let You Access Your Smart Home Via iCloud

Slowly but surely, Apple is been threatening to creep into the smart-home market. The company just took one more small step by announcing that it’s HomeKit software will give you access to connected home devices from anywhere in the world by using iCloud. And the software will finally work on a whole range of products. Read More >>

Remotely Spy on Your Own Home With MyDLink Internet of Things Sensors

If you've ever left a light on indoors before going on holiday for fear of falling victim to a break-in, D-Link's myDLink Home Smart devices could be bring you some much needed peace of mind (and keep your electricity bill down too). A complete suite of home automation and security devices, you'll be able to monitor your pad from anywhere in the world -- and trigger a few tricks to scare off any wannabe intruders too. Read More >>

Apple TV Gets One Step Closer to Becoming Your Smart Home Hub

Apple TV has long seemed like a natural fit as a hub for Apple's smart home ambitions, even before those ambitions were codified in HomeKit. Today, we finally have a good look at exactly how that's going to work in practice.AppleInsider details how the Apple TV Software beta 2 that was released yesterday officially includes HomeKit support, enabling your Apple TV to act as the unifying force behind your world of iOS-friendly connected devices. As an iOS developer explained the process to AppleInsider:


Rumour: Apple is Working on Smart Home Products to Work with HomeKit

Fancy using your iPhone to turn the kettle on, unlock your doors or dim the lights for some sexy time? It's all looking potentially possible: Apple is rumoured to be working on a range of smart home products to integrate with its new iOS 8 HomeKit feature. Read More >>

Tado Cooling Air-Con Controller Gets Apple HomeKit Support

Having hit its $150,000/£89,500 Kickstarter goal, the team behind the Tado Cooling smart air conditioning controller has just announced that its latest device will support Apple's new iOS 8 HomeKit feature. Apple's own Internet of Things standard, HomeKit support will allow the Tado Cooling system to seamlessly work with iDevices, without the need for a complicated set-up process. Read More >>