Contactless Payment Jacket Created for Homeless People

For many of us, this particular period of the year is a time for overindulgence and pampering. However, for homeless people, it’s hell. Read More >>

TfL Advice Booklet Mocks Buskers and Calls Homeless People ‘Dirty and Smelly’

London transport bigwigs are currently charging around their offices, flapping around a booklet called Safer Steps and repeating the words “Who approved this?” Read More >>

Twitter Fires Its New Head of VR After Homeless Rant Resurfaces

This was Greg Gopman’s first week at Twitter. Today was his last day. Read More >>

What Can UK Cities Learn From San Francisco’s Homelessness Project?

Back in May a coalition of editors from 70 newspapers, blogs, radio stations, and TV channels met to discuss how to “flood” San Francisco on a single day with coverage concerning issues around homelessness. (many other publications also published their own content independently). The San Francisco Chronicle has collected many of the stories on a separate section of its site, and you can also browse #SFhomelessproject. There are timelines, infographics, photo essays, videos, and many heart-wrenching stories about women and children living on the streets. Probably the worst part is seeing how bad the problem was in the '70s and '80s, and how it hasn’t grown better. Read More >>

Bangkok’s Homeless are Turning Decommissioned Planes Into Makeshift Homes

Somewhere in the outskirts of the Thai capital, unused aeroplanes stored in a private field have become homes for three poor families. This is the darker side of the most populous city in Thailand. Read More >>

Homeless Man Enjoys Arty Overnight Lock-in at Tate Britain

A homeless man who fell asleep in a toilet at Tate Britain awoke to find himself locked inside the empty gallery, after security guards failed to check the cubicles for snoring. Read More >>

One Danish City Turns to GPS Tracking to Help the Homeless

Without any context, that headline could seem incredibly scary, almost dystopian in nature. A city's most vulnerable residents tracked for unknown purposes would serve as a pretty good plot for some Orwellian nightmare. Luckily, the Danish city Odense doesn't want to harm but instead help. Read More >>

Man Suffers 24-Hour Toilet Lock-in

A man in Bath endured an entire day locked in a public toilet, as a management company locked them up as part of a cost-saving initiative -- without checking to see if there was anyone inside first. Read More >>

Pro-Homeless Benches Turn Ads into Temporary Rain Shelters

Adverts for a Canadian homeless shelter have added one rather charming twist to the current war on homelessness -- they transform into a miniature person-shelter ideal for sleeping rough under when it's raining. Read More >>

Tesco Uproots “Anti-Homeless” Spikes as Public Outrage Grows

Some of the bizarre spikes seen popping up around London have already started disappearing as quickly as they arrived, with Tesco smelling a PR crisis on the wind and removing them from outside one central London branch. Read More >>

Should We be Fortifying Buildings Against the Homeless?

A mass outcry kicked up over the weekend, as it gradually dawned on people that metallic studs appearing in the floors outside some London housing sites have been strategically placed in sheltered corners that homeless people may try to sleep. To keep them away. Does this show mankind is now beyond saving? Read More >>

“Not Very Bright” Cambridge Students are No Match for Homeless Man’s Chess Game

Homeless man Slide Martins has come up with a clever way of getting around begging laws, offering to play Cambridge locals at chess in return for a donation. Claiming that he wins most of his games, Slide says: "They are not very bright in Cambridge -- they wouldn't have to go to college if they were." [Metro] Read More >>

Charity Gift Wrap Turns Common Germs Into Pwetty Wittle Snowflakes

Homelessness charity St. Mungos has created this charming gift wrap, consisting of three heart-warming snowflake scenes. But they're not snowflakes, they're the cold, influenza and pneumonia viruses, blown up to highlight but three of the problems faced by the homeless in winter. All money goes to charity. Buy here: [Wrap Up Project] Read More >>

Homeless Men Turned into Human Routers

SXSW, the annual vanity-carnival of schmoozing; marketing superficiality, and BBQ, has something new to offer Austin's visitors: unalloyed human degradation. A New York ad firm has converted homeless people into 4G hotspots. Read More >>