You Can Now Make Morphine at Home With a Beer-Brewing Kit

Are you into the idea of brewing your own craft beer at home? If you are, and if you've ever tried this activity, scientists have some good news for you. Or some bad news – depending on how your tastes in narcotics run. Read More >>

Wolverine claws
This Guy Made Insane Wolverine Claws That Destroy Everything

On the list of comic book hero abilities I dream about magically waking up with one day, Wolverine's claws were probably squeezed right between Superman's flying and Bruce Wayne's women. One of those have practically become reality. These steel Wolverine claws are so fantastically perfect that you could fight Wolverine himself with them. And maybe even win. Read More >>

Dad of the Year Builds Super-Sketchy Rollercoaster For His Daughter

While many kids would dream of having their own rollercoaster in their back-garden, erm, I think this one borders on both the amazing and the downright dangerous. I admit, I wish my dad had built me a rollercoaster back in the day, but as this one is just made of flimsy PVC pipe, lumber, and a bit of concrete, stretching up to 3.7m high, it looks like a death trap, to be sure. Read More >>

The Ingenuity of Thailand During Their Massive Flood Is Very Impressive

I don't want to make light of a tragedy because the floods in Thailand have been worse than imaginable. The flooding has killed over 500 people, caused £3 billion in damage and has been ongoing since mid-summer. It's a sad, sad state of life. But instead of giving up, the people of Thailand are adapting. And it's awesome to see. Read More >>