Don’t Forget, Apple Could Be Launching a Cheaper Version of Its HomePod Smart Speaker This Year

Apple's contribution to the world of smart speakers kicked off in 2018 with the HomePod, and while it didn't exactly make a splash - barely a ripple in fact - a refreshed mini version could be on the way. Read More >>

Apple’s HomePod Gets a Fat £70 Discount Just in Time for Christmas at Currys

If Amazon's series of Alexa devices, or Google's various hubs aren't doing it for you, why not nab Apple's overpriced HomePod while it's cheap? Read More >>

Apple Pulls iOS 13.2 After Users Complain Update Bricks HomePods

While the HomePod delivers the impressive audio quality, it hasn’t quite enjoyed the widespread success of competing smart speakers like the Google Home Mini and Amazon Echo. And now, things have just gotten worse now that Apple’s iOS 13.2 patch has reportedly started bricking HomePods. Read More >>

Apple Just Gave the HomePod a £40 Price Drop, and it Looks Permanent

Apple products are rarely, if ever, cheap. What's even rarer is Apple feeling like it has to discount a product before a replacement is out in the world. Obviously the HomePod is an exception to that, probably because it hasn't been selling as well as Apple might like. So it's just gone and knocked £40 off the original £319 pricetag, and it looks permanent this time. Read More >>

Some Apple Music Subscribers Can Save £50 on a HomePod

It's fair to say the HomePod hasn't been a huge success for Apple, because it didn't propel the company into smart speaker dominance. There are lots of reasons for that, which we won't get into again, but it does mean there are HomePods lying around that Apple would probably want to get rid of. While there were some discounts floating around the place near Black Friday, they're nothing compared to this. Read More >>

Black Friday Works Miracles as Apple’s HomePod Gets a Discount

Apple's retail is notorious for a number of reasons. The main one is that all its products are expensive, and that it doesn't want you to go off and buy cheaper alternatives. That wouldn't be so bad if the company bothered to join in the many shopping holiday sales that take place, but that pretty much never happens. Well there's some good news! An Apple product will be getting the Black Friday treatment this year. The bad news its only the HomePod Read More >>

Six Months With the Apple HomePod Almost Convinced Me It Was Good

I didn’t understand the Apple HomePod, when it launched six months ago. Sure, I got the business reasons behind Apple’s smart speaker (everyone’s got to have a smart speaker it seems), but the HomePod struck me as too stupid and too expensive. It just seemed like Apple’s weird attempt at showing Amazon and Google that it could make speakers too. After spending the last few months with the HomePod some things have become quite clear. This thing is still incredibly overpriced, and AirPlay is so good it almost makes the HomePod worth it. Read More >>

Sonos Speakers Finally Get the Airplay 2 Support We’ve Been Waiting For

After its somewhat premature announcement of Airplay 2 support, Sonos is finally updating a few of its speakers to actually support Airplay 2. That means your iOS device can now bring the music management and multi-room audio feature to a few more of its smart speakers, including its newest Beam soundbar. With Airplay 2 on Sonos speakers, now you can tell Siri to turn the volume down instead of doing it with those clumsy fingers of yours. Read More >>

HomePod Hasn’t Been Selling That Well, So Apple is Cutting Down Production

Towards the start of the year leaks claimed that Apple had reduced the production of iPhone X handsets by 50 per cent due to slow sales over the Christmas period. Now something similar seems to be happening with the HomePod, Apple's Siri-powered smart speaker. Apparently orders have been so slow since launch that Apple has had to cut the number of orders and lower slaes projections. Read More >>

Apple Hired the Director of ‘Her’ to Create This Creepy HomePod Advert

Her, the Oscar-nominated film about a future world in which people disconnect from reality and form emotional connections with their virtual assistants, seems more timely every day. And apparently, someone at Apple thought it would be a good idea for Her’s director, Spike Jonze, to make a pseudo-prequel to sell the HomePod. Read More >>

How the HomePod Stacks Up Against Other Smart Speakers

It seems like every new wireless speaker on the market comes with a voice assistant now. Since 2014, when Amazon announced the Echo, the idea of a smart speaker has taken the gadget world by storm. Apple has finally thrown its hat into the ring with the release of the HomePod, leaving us to wonder which smart speaker is the best smart speaker. So we tested them to find out. Read More >>

There’s Already a Leather Coaster to Protect Your Furniture From the HomePod

It only took one day—one freaking day!!—for someone to capitalise on the bizarre news that Apple’s £330 HomePod, the speaker that isn’t so smart but sounds pretty great, might wreck your wood furniture. That someone is gadget accessories maker Pad and Quill and we are just as blown away/totally unsurprised as you are. Read More >>

Apple’s HomePod Can Apparently Damage Your Furniture

While it produces fantastic audio, Apple’s new HomePod smart speaker has also annoyed early users with obtuse software limitations, a lack of real Bluetooth connectivity, and missing multi-room playback support that won’t come until later this year. And now there’s one more irritation to add to that list, as it seems the HomePod can damage your wood furniture. Read More >>

HomePod Is the Ultimate Apple Product—in a Bad Way

Sometimes, years pass before Apple creates a completely new product like the HomePod. During that parade of iPhone redesigns and MacBook upgrades, it can be easy to forget that when Apple enters a new space, the company does it with swagger. The products are beautiful. They work well. But they are also usually exclusively designed to work with other Apple products and services. The £320 HomePod is all of these things, and it drives me crazy. Read More >>

Repairing an Apple HomePod Will Cost Nearly £70 More Than Buying a Brand New Sonos ONE

Apple's HomePod smart speaker is now available, with a hefty price tag of £319. That's a lot of money to spend, but it's not a huge surprise given Apple's history of slapping a premium price onto damn near all of its products. While anyone paying that much for a speaker is bound to look after it, you might want to use a bit more care with your HomePod now that Apple has released pricing information for repairs. Read More >>