Cardiff Might Have a Nice Bit Soon

Welsh planners have approved a massive enhancement of the fringes of Cardiff, with a plan to build nearly 6,000 new homes given the go-ahead. Read More >>

Fixing its Crappy Newbuilds Costs Builder £7m

Housebuilder Bovis has had a bit of a financial shocker this year, as it's been forced to take a £7m hit due to a huge "customer care provision" needed to fix up all the low quality newbuilds it's been selling to dreaming 30-somethings who erroneously believe home ownership to be anything other than a nightmare. Read More >>

Government Opens £320m “Heating for Cities” Fund to Bids

The government has started taking bids for the first £39m chunk of a £320m kitty set aside to enhance the heat reclamation options within England and Wales, with bidders asked to come up with ways we can recycle waste heat and use it to keep old ladies warm on the cheap through the winter. Read More >>

Do You Live in One of the UK’s Ten Most Expensive Streets?

No offence, but probably not, eh? According to house buying/selling portal Zoopla, the ten most expensive streets to buy houses on are all in London, as you might expect, with the tip of the iceberg being in Kensington Palace Gardens -- where the average house price is an insane £38.26m. Read More >>

Luxury Huddersfield Hobbit House Up for Sale

A man's extraordinarily detailed Hobbit-style house is now up for sale, and you don't have to get a visa for New Zealand to take a look around it. It's in the Upper Holme Valley just south of Huddersfield, known more for its rolling meadows than mountains and monsters. Read More >>

“British Pompeii” Charts Fire in 3,000-year-old Cambridgeshire New Build

The site of Must Farm has revealed some sensationally detailed information about life in the UK around 3,000 years ago, showing that our Bronze age relatives used lovely pots for their porridge, lived on roasted wild boar and even had little kitchen areas in their raised platform bedsits. Read More >>

Londoners Invited to Spend £1,600 a Month Renting Windowless Isolation Flat

Most young folk adjusting to single life away from their parents have probably got used to bathrooms without windows in them by now, as that's the first space-saving measure introduced by landlords rejigging their stock for maximum yield. But how about a kitchen without windows too? And a living room without windows? And two bedrooms without windows? Read More >>

This House is Made From Cardboard

Welcome to the Wikkelhouse, a building that’s made not from concrete, brick or wood but cardboard. Read More >>

Barclays Brings Back 100 Per Cent Mortgages, But Mum and Dad Need to Agree

Barclays Bank is once again offering the dread 100 per cent mortgage, the dangerous generator of negative equity that trapped people in modern new builds during the banking crash of 2008. The clever thing about this one, though, is that it wants the parents of the applicants to whack some money in too, as sort of generational guilt relieving deposit. Read More >>

London Affordable Housing Map Shows Where Ordinary People Can’t Live

That expanse of emptiness up there is how the tube map looks when it's sorted by affordability of housing, with the data populated by housing charity Shelter showing that the only winners in London's housing market are people who bought homes in the 1980s and the rail companies that ferry workers in from ever increasing distances away. Read More >>

London’s 771ft ‘Flower Tower’ Block Set to Stand Proud at Canary Wharf

Plans for an enormous residential tower in London are about to be given the go-ahead, it seems, which will see a massive 771ft tower built next to Canary Wharf. Read More >>

Pay £1m to Live in a “Quirky” London Public Toilet

An underground toilet in East London has just hit the market, with offers over £1m getting the potential owner a literal former shithole within walking distance of Shoreditch. Read More >>

Tower Blocks Mk II Could Solve London’s Housing Shortage

A report about what to do to cram even more people into London has come up with a variety of possible options, including turning more green belt land into potential home spots and also allowing blocks of flats of up to 60 stories high to increase the capital's population density. Read More >>

6,000-Year-Old “Eco Home” Found at Stonehenge

Scientists digging up more of the hallowed turf near Stonehenge claim to have found the remains of a 6,000 year old home, one that used a tree for a wall and is therefore proof of some sort of eco credentials. Or laziness. Read More >>

Liverpool’s Homes for a Pound Scheme is the Most Expensive Deal of the Day

These days, a quid won't get you very much. If you're at a student bar, it might get you a pint. If you don't mind flirting with food poisoning, it might get you a burger. However, if you're willing to commit to a long-term project, put in loads of hard graft and fund a large series of repairs, £1 will get you a house in Liverpool. Read More >>