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How To Use Android

Android is awesome and powerful, but it has, shall we say, a learning curve. That scares some people away. After all, iOS is so intuitive that babies can use it. Literally. But you're not a baby. Read More >>

Oh Good, Another Something-Point-Something Tablet From Samsung

History lesson. First there was the (awful) Froyo-running Galaxy Tab 7. Then came the Honeycomb-running Galaxy Tab 10.1. Then the 8.9, then the 7.0-Plus. Done, right? Wait! How's about a 7.7? Sure, why the hell not! Read More >>

Asus Transformer Prime Review: The Android Tablet You’ve Been Waiting For

I suppose it's not a little ironic that what is easily the best Android tablet of the last year does not look a little bit like an iPad, but a lot like an iPad, and is being sued for trademark infringement—though not by Apple. If you want to be generous, you could say that Asus's Transformer Prime stands on the shoulders of giants. With spiked boots. Read More >>

Acer Iconia A200 — With Ice Cream Sandwich in January

Acer has revealed its Iconia A200 tablet, which will be available very shortly. It'll arrive first running Android 3.2 in some countries, but Acer says units sold in the UK from January 2012 will come with Android 4.0 onboard. Read More >>

Sony Tablet P
Sony Tablet P Hits UK Streets For £500

Looking for an Android Honeycomb clamshell tablet? Thought so. Well you can now pick up Sony's off-the-wall, hinged Tablet P for £499.99 of your hard earned cash. Not exactly a bargain it has to be said, but it is a bit different. [Dixons via Eurodroid via Liliputing] Read More >>

The Biggest Android Tablet in the World

Seven inches or ten inches? Geek rage over which form factor fits best will never end, unless the entire debate is crushed under the weight of this 65-inch Android behemoth. Now you can watch screen lag in 1080p! Read More >>

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Asus EeePad Slider Lightning Review: Fat Tablet for Clickity-Clackers

The Asus EeePad Transformer with its detachable keyboard dock has been one of the best-selling Android tablets yet. The EeePad Slider's keyboard is permanently attached, so you can type wherever you go. Better, right?! Maaaaaaybe. Read More >>

Meet the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime, the World’s First Supercomputer Tablet

When Apple's Power Mac G4 came out it was classified as a super computer. It had dual-processors! What would the people of the past have made of this tablet computer, which is the first to have a quad-core processor? Read More >>

Archos 10.1-inch G9 Internet Tablet
lightning review
Archos 10.1-Inch G9 Tablet Lightning Review: Cheap, and *Almost* There

Archos used to be known for large capacity tablet-style media players. Now it's making Android tablets and the media-centric 10.1-inch G9 is one of its latest. It's a media power-house, but is it a bit of a one-trick pony? Read More >>

Asus Eee Pad Transformer 2 Listed For Early November Launch

The Eee Pad Transformer, which for many is the unofficial benchmark and current best bang-for-buck provider among Android tablets today, should be seeing an updated version launch this November. Read More >>

No One Uses Android Tablets (Or No One Has Android Tablets to Use)

There's something like 8,142* different Android Tablets on sale right now yet it seems like no one is really using them. I mean, I've yet to see one in public! But that's an inexact method of testing. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Review: The New Best Android Tablet, Again

I had major deja vu writing this. That's because as cool as the Galaxy Tab 8.9 is, it's basically just the Galaxy Tab 10.1, but slightly smaller. Which actually makes it noticeably better. Read More >>

SlingPlayer’s Android App Flings TV Shows to Honeycomb Tablets For £20.99

What price the luxury of watching 'Stenders on your Android tablet? If you ask Sling Media, it's £20.99, which is what they're charging for the SlingPlayer app. Compatible with Honeycomb (and likely upcoming versions too), you must have a Slingbox to actually, y'know, sling TV shows to your tablet. [Android via TechCrunch] Read More >>

The Times Opens its Paywall to Android Tablets

UK paper The Times has added another prong to its multimedia attack, with a version of its mobile app now available specifically for owners of Honeycomb Android tablets. Read More >>

Google Docs App Tuned For Android Tablet Owners

The number of Honeycomb-optimised Android apps continues its slow rise, thanks to Google's updated Google Docs app, with custom features for 3.0 tablets. It includes a new, three-panel layout, to make editing and sharing easier on the larger screen. [Google] Read More >>