Apple and Blizzard Slammed Over China Censorship by Top U.S. Lawmakers

A bipartisan group of U.S. lawmakers on Friday co-signed letters sent to the chief executives of Apple and Blizzard expressing “deep concern” over recent decisions by the American companies that have negatively impacted users overseas “at the behest of the Chinese government.” Read More >>

Disney Picked a Hell of a Time to Announce Its Latest Attempt to Make Star Wars Big in China

Right now, amid a storm of protest movements in Hong Kong calling to liberate the area from its status as a special administrative region of China, scrutiny of Western companies seen as implicitly supporting the actions of the Chinese government is higher than ever. So, of course, the House of Mouse picked right now to announce a plan to try and make Star Wars more popular in China. Read More >>

Digital Activists Take Aim at Video Game Companies Over China Censorship

A leading U.S. digital rights organisation is joining the battle against top video game companies that might seek to censor gamers for expressing support for Hong Kongers who’ve been protesting Chinese influence over the past 27 weeks. Read More >>

Apple Sells Out Pro-Democracy Protesters in Hong Kong to Appease Chinese Government

Apple removed a smartphone app used by pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong late Wednesday in the tech giant’s latest capitulation to China’s authoritarian government. The app,, allowed users to see Hong Kong police movements via crowdsourced information as cops in the region continue to brutalise the local population. Apple had previously banned the app, but reinstated it just a few days ago, only to remove it again on Wednesday. Read More >>

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Hong Kong Announces Ban on Masks and Face Paint That Help Protesters Evade Facial Recognition

The Hong Kong government has banned masks and face paint in its latest attempt to stop the pro-democracy protests that have been raging since June. The new “emergency” order was announced by Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam at a press conference today and went into effect at midnight local time, 5:00 pm BST. Read More >>

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Viral Video Shows Hong Kong Police Shooting Teen Protester in the Chest

Hong Kong Police shot a teen protester in the chest with live ammunition this morning, according to reports from journalists on the ground and a video that has gone viral on Facebook and Twitter. Video of the incident shows a Hong Kong police officer charging a crowd of protesters with his gun before firing a single shot. Read More >>

Top Website For Organising Hong Kong Protests Hit With DDoS Attack

LIHKG, one of the most important websites used to organise pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, has been hit with a DDoS attack that temporarily took the forum offline this past weekend. And while no one knows for sure who’s behind the attack, we can take an educated guess. The Chinese government is very unhappy, to say the least, about the protests in Hong Kong that have been raging since June. Read More >>

YouTube Dismantles ‘Influence Operation’ Targeting Hong Kong Protests, Avoids Discussing Its Reach

YouTube has disabled some 210 channels it says were used in a coordinated “influence operation” spreading disinformation related to the ongoing protests in Hong Kong. However, the company refused to answer any questions on Thursday when asked how users had been successfully targeted. Read More >>

Chinese Official Ironically Says State Media Shouldn’t Be Restricted on Facebook and Twitter

Facebook and Twitter are blocked in mainland China by the country’s censors, but that hasn’t stopped Chinese state media from using those same social media platforms to spread propaganda about the protests in Hong Kong. And Chinese officials are not happy that both Twitter and Facebook have started to crack down on government-run accounts for spreading disinformation. Read More >>

Hong Kong Protesters Urge Boycott of Disney’s Mulan Remake After Star’s Pro-Police Comments

Hong Kong is in the midst of political turmoil as anti-government protesters clash with police, and now Disney’s Mulan remake has become an unlikely flashpoint for debate. Read More >>

Eighth Busiest Airport in the World Shuts Down For Second Day Over Pro-Democracy Protests in Hong Kong

Hong Kong International Airport has been shut down for the second time in two days after pro-democracy protests disrupted normal operations. The airport, which handles 75 million passengers a year, is the eighth busiest in the world and a major international hub in Asia. Hong Kong chief executive Carrie Lam warned that Hong risked sliding into “an abyss.” Read More >>

Hong Kong Cancels All Flights as Thousands of Pro-Democracy Protesters Occupy Airport

Hong Kong International Airport has cancelled flights for the day after 6 PM local time as pro-democracy protests in the city rage on for the tenth consecutive week. Incoming flights will be allowed to land, but outgoing flights for the night have been halted and it’s not clear when air travel might resume. Read More >>

Apple Shutters Hong Kong Stores Early as Protests Against Chinese Government, Crackdowns Escalate

Amid mounting unrest and a night of violence in Hong Kong, Apple is among the retailers that have chosen to shut stores or close them early citywide, the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday. Read More >>

What Hong Kong’s Protestors Can Teach Us About the Future of Privacy

Something odd happened in Hong Kong last week. Protestors against a controversial proposed extradition bill were afraid to use their metro cards. Instead of swiping their cards through the turnstiles of the city’s subway system, they lined up to buy single-journey tickets with cash, apparently worried about “leaving a paper trail” that could prove their presence at the demonstration. Read More >>

The Strongest Storm of the Year Shook Southeast Asia This Weekend

Tropical Storm Mangkhut was on the move Monday as it made its way through Southeast Asia. The former Super Typhoon, which at its peak became the strongest storm to form on Earth this year so far, has been pummelling Hong Kong, Macau, and the Philippines all weekend. Read More >>