Government Hopes to Negotiate a Post-Brexit Space at the EU’s Horizon Science Jam

Losing access to the £85bn European scientific investment fund pulled together under the Horizon banner was one of academia's worst fears for post-Brexit UK, but we may yet retain access as the government has said that a seat at the high table with the Bunsen burners is on the list of Things We'll Ask To Keep under a separate deal with the EU. Read More >>

Forced Horizontal iPhone Video App Horizon is Now Free

Horizon, the clever camera app that forces your iPhone or iPad to only shoot horizontal videos no matter how they're held, is now free on the iTunes App Store for a little while. So now you have no excuse for shooting vertical videos ever again. [iTunes App Store] Read More >>

How Lenovo’s Making All-In-Ones the Future of Family Computing

When you think of an All-In-One PC, your mind probably conjures up some centuries-old device rotting away in the ironically-named 'Internet Corner' of your local library. It's going to come as a shock, then, that one of the most innovative products in Lenovo's lineup is the all-singing, all-dancing, 27-inches-but-still-portable Horizon All-In-One. Read More >>