The True Identity of Suspiria’s Mysterious Lutz Ebersdorf Has Been Revealed

When Luca Guadagnino’s remake of Suspiria opens in cinemas, people will be talking a lot about the film’s many mysterious elements. One of them has already been put to bed, though, thanks to an article by the New York Times. Read More >>

Phantasm’s Don Coscarelli on His New Memoir and What It Means to Be a Cult Director

Director Don Coscarelli—beloved by genre fans for directing films like Phantasm, The Beastmaster, and Bubba Ho-Tep—is now a memoirist, thanks to a brand-new book that looks back on a wild, colourful, four-decade career in Hollywood’s indie trenches. Read More >>

Girls With Balls Is a Great Title for a Not-So-Great Movie

A women’s volleyball team gets hunted by a band of evil, woods-dwelling degenerates in Girls With Balls, a super-schlocky French ode to ‘80s horror that’s wildly uneven and a little offensive, but still has some scattered moments of awesome. Read More >>

Open 24 Hours Gives the Stalker Horror Genre a Tense, Personal Spin

If you’ve seen one too many movies with Jason, Freddy, or Michael, may I suggest giving the Rain Ripper a shot? He’s the antagonist in the smart, tense film Open 24 Hours, which gives the classic stalker genre a personal touch. Read More >>

Suspiria Is a Living, Breathing Work of Art

In Luca Guadagnino’s remake of Suspiria, one of the first things we see on screen is that the film is “six acts and an epilogue set in divided Berlin.” It’s an odd piece of information, but somehow perfectly sets the stage for what’s to come. You know there’s a specific structure. That knowledge helps you anticipate when things are about to happen. And yet, seeing it unfold is still shocking, mysterious, and engaging. Read More >>

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Legion’s Dan Stevens Faces a Nightmarish Cult in the First Apostle Trailer

What do you do when not facing mutant marvels and battling in wild mental planescapes in Legion? If you’re Dan Stevens, you apparently spend your time investigating old-timey cults that are proooooobably up to no good. Read More >>

After The Nun, Here Are 5 More Horror Characters Who Deserve Spin-Off Movies

The Nun, a prequel delving into the antagonist first introduced in The Conjuring 2, is scaring audiences in cinemas now—just the latest project spawned by the spooky franchise (lest we forget, a third Annabelle movie is now in the works). Now that horror spinoffs are all the rage, we have a few suggestions beyond the Conjuring films for Hollywood to consider. Read More >>

In the New Halloween Trailer, Michael Myers Might Meet His Maker

You might have recently heard that Michael Myers, the madman who stalked Laurie Strode and solidified his status as a horror icon in John Carpenter’s original Halloween, is on his way back to finish what he started. While this is true, the latest Halloween trailer suggests that when Michael and Laurie reunite, she’s going to be packing and ready to send him straight to hell. Read More >>

Patrick Wilson Stars in the Latest Stephen King Adaptation For Netflix

Stephen King adaptations are everywhere these days, from cinemas to network TV to streaming services. Netflix in particular is dabbling in original movies. Two are already on the service – Gerald’s Game and 1922 – and a third is now on the way. Read More >>

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Rock Icon Stevie Nicks Is Returning to American Horror Story

Dammit, American Horror Story, we just can’t quit you, even though season seven’s Cult nearly broke us. Not only will the next instalment Apocalypse be a crossover between seasons one (Murder House) and three (Coven), and feature the return of O.G. star Jessica Lange, it’ll also bring back several more fan favorites, including rock goddess Stevie Nicks. Read More >>

Spooky Animated Web Series Ghost Radio Is Back for a Second Season

Ghost Radio is a web series created by Argentinian filmmaker Cristian Ponce. Now, the animated show – about a late-night radio host reporting strange events from the haunted town of Kirlian – is back. Read More >>

10 Excellent New Sci-Fi and Fantasy Shorts You Need to Check Out

Sometimes, you’ve got the bandwidth for watching the extended cut of a superhero movie plus all its special features, or binge-watching an entire TV season. But other times, you only need a quick fix. We’re here to help with 10 of the best new sci-fi, fantasy, and horror shorts around. Read More >>

Creepshow Is Being Resurrected on TV Thanks to The Walking Dead’s Greg Nicotero

The nostalgia revival train keeps on chugging. This time it’s George A. Romero and Stephen King’s ‘80s anthology Creepshow. It’s being turned into a television show this time and it has the perfect creator attached. Read More >>

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The World’s Crankiest Demon Fighter Is Back for More in Stan Against Evil Season 3

When last we saw Stan Against Evil’s titular curmudgeon (John C. McGinley), things were looking awfully apocalyptic in Willard’s Mill. At the press room and panel for the horror-comedy at Comic-Con, we learned a lot more about what to expect from season three, starting with this trailer: Read More >>

Once Upon a Time, Steven Spielberg Apparently Helped Save the Child’s Play Franchise

Being one of the biggest directors ever brings with it a lot of power. There are a lot of ways to use that power. Fortunately, Steven Spielberg has opted to use that power to help good actors get good roles and, apparently, save cult classic film franchises. Read More >>