Forget Horse Meat, the New Scandal is Fox Flesh in Chinese Donkey Meat

While the horse meat scandal rocked our food industry, to the Chinese the UK must have looked a right picky ass -- donkey meat is considered a delicacy over there. So imagine The People's Republic's dismay when traces of fox were found in its donkey dishes. Read More >>

Experimental Lab Horse Meat May Have Entered the UK Food Chain

The latest twist in the horse meat scandal is unfolding in France, where horses used in medical laboratories are believed to have been illegally sold on for human consumption. And some may have made it into our bloody lasagne again. Read More >>

Burger King Apologises After Horse DNA Found in Supplier Factory

Horse meat-gate very nearly hit one of the big burger chains, with high street meat shop Burger King admitting to finding horse DNA in burgers at one of its suppliers. It has apologised, saying none of the dodgy meat actually made it into customers' gobs. Read More >>

Tesco Tries Its Hand at Terrible Twitter Horse-Meat Puns

If you've been on Twitter during the whole HorseburgerGate thing, you've probably had your eyeballs violently assaulted by an absolute crapload of the worst puns the internet has to offer. I'll be honest, even we've had a stab. But I never thought Tesco would have the gall to join in. Boy oh boy, was I ever wrong. Read More >>