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Very Good Horse Demonstrates How to Operate a Rubber Chicken

A very good horse named Kruzah was kind enough to demonstrate the proper way to utilise a rubber chicken, as evidenced in the video below. Read More >>

Watford Restaurant Sold Fake Zebra Meat

The owner of a restaurant in Watford has been busted for putting zebra and wildebeest on the menu, confounding his food crimes by offering guests alternative cuts of meat instead of the promised animals. Read More >>

Dartmoor Ponies Could be Sold for Meat in Attempt to Save Species

Conservationists have come up with a bizarre way of saving the iconic Dartmoor pony -- serving them up as meat. The Dartmoor Hill Pony Association believes that by creating a market for pony meat in the UK it could save the breed. And if it becomes really popular they could be bred in cages seeing as they're so small and meaty. Read More >>

50,000 Tonnes of Dubious Meat Recalled by Dutch Authorities

A staggering quantity of suspicious meat has been pulled from the food chain by standards agencies in the Netherlands, with 50,000 tonnes of processed protein earmarked for human consumption recalled. Read More >>

Human Poo Bacteria Found in Ikea Cakes

While we may shrug and joke about it on the internet when someone tells us there's horse in our lasagne and meatballs, the newest food scandal is a bit more horrifying -- bacteria normally found in human and other animal poo has popped up in Ikea cakes. Someone or something's been pooing into the food chain. Read More >>

Horsemeat Scandal Taints Ikea’s Legendary Swedish Meatballs

Another high-profile form of processed meat has been pulled into the horsemeat shame, with Czech authorities claiming to have found traces of horse in pork and beef meatballs destined to feed depressed husbands trapped in the hellish Ikea ecosystem. Read More >>

Tesco Value Horse
It’s Probably Safe to Assume that Everything “Value” and Produced in France is, In Fact, Horse

I can't quite believe how much horse has been shovelled into our daily diets -- I didn't realise they farmed and culled horses in such vast quantities -- but yet more horsemeat 'Italian' meals have been found. Tesco's discovered its 'Everyday Value' beef spaghetti bolognese was, in fact, at least 60 per cent horse. Read More >>

Findus lasagneigh
FSA: Findus “Beef” Lasagne Was Up to 100 Per Cent Horse

The horsemeat scandal trots on thanks to our French friends. After Tesco's burger blunder, the Food Standards Agency has been looking into supposedly "beef" meals. Turns out, Findus Beef Lasagne was in fact horse lasagne, or between 60 to 100 per cent horse, to be exact. Read More >>

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Horse Burgers — Does Horse Actually Taste Better Than Beef?

So, horse burgers. Apparently not illegal, well, if labelled properly anyway. But what does horse actually taste like? And really, can you even tell the difference? The Telegraph's Harry Wallop put it to the test. Yum. Read More >>

What the F*ck Is This Full-Body Horse Suit From Hell?

If you are rich race horse, I got great news for you! If you aren't a horse, you're going to freak out looking at this image: a horse in a full body suit. Why in hell does a horse need a suit? Read More >>

Why Horses Make Good Glue

If you ever drive through Northern France, you'll see a lot of butchers that sell horse meat. You'll also see a lot of glue factories. The two are very definitely linked — but why is it that horses make good glue? Read More >>