Human Poo Bacteria Found in Ikea Cakes

While we may shrug and joke about it on the internet when someone tells us there's horse in our lasagne and meatballs, the newest food scandal is a bit more horrifying -- bacteria normally found in human and other animal poo has popped up in Ikea cakes. Someone or something's been pooing into the food chain. Read More >>

Horsemeat Scandal Taints Ikea’s Legendary Swedish Meatballs

Another high-profile form of processed meat has been pulled into the horsemeat shame, with Czech authorities claiming to have found traces of horse in pork and beef meatballs destined to feed depressed husbands trapped in the hellish Ikea ecosystem. Read More >>

Tesco Value Horse
It’s Probably Safe to Assume that Everything “Value” and Produced in France is, In Fact, Horse

I can't quite believe how much horse has been shovelled into our daily diets -- I didn't realise they farmed and culled horses in such vast quantities -- but yet more horsemeat 'Italian' meals have been found. Tesco's discovered its 'Everyday Value' beef spaghetti bolognese was, in fact, at least 60 per cent horse. Read More >>