AMC Has Released Way Too Many Pictures of Andrew Lincoln on a Horse For His Final Walking Dead Episode

Ever since The Walking Dead made its return, we’ve been preparing for life in the zombie apocalypse without Rick Grimes. We’ve known that star Andrew Lincoln will be departing the show after nine seasons of horror, and the moment is finally heralded by a pale horse. No, seriously. Read More >>

US Man Starts ‘Amish Uber’ With Horse and Buggy

An Amish resident of the Colon village in Michigan has launched his own ride-sharing service with his horse and buggy, and he’s calling it “Amish Uber.” Read More >>

Horses Make This Funny Sound When They’re Happy

When horses are happy, they snort, according to new research published today in PLoS One. The finding could help improve treatment of these domesticated animals, the authors say. Read More >>

Next-Gen E-Horses Launching in 2020 to Counter Equine-Dumping

Dumping horses is apparently a thing in Apocalypse 2018 UK, where bored owners, or people tired of cleaning up poo, or keepers of knackered old models they can't face buying hay for any more, walk them to a rural space and... throw them away. While still alive, obviously, with sick animals the most likely to be dumped and abandoned in this horrifying manner. Read More >>

There’s No Such Thing as a Truly ‘Wild’ Horse Anymore

An analysis of DNA spanning 5,500 years shows we’ve been wrong about the origin of domesticated horses, and the common notion that wild horses still exist is completely wrong. Read More >>

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Do Animals Have a Sense of Competition?

Humans do the wildest things to animals—stick them with experimental drugs, mash them into cheap nuggets, mount their severed heads on dining room walls. Against this backdrop of chaos and mass extermination the Puppy Bowl seems fairly benign, as do all those other events, like the Kentucky Derby, where animals are forced to play sports for our amusement. We know that humans like these games, especially when their bets pay off; but how do the animals feel? What’s, say, on a horse’s mind, when it finishes first in a race? Can an animal have some sense that it’s won something, or, for that matter, lost? Read More >>

Blind BBC Reporter Shows Off Digby, His Guide Horse

BBC journalist Mohammed Salim Patel, known to people in the north west as a face on its regional news output, has a quite amazing new friend. It's Digby, the guide horse. Read More >>

Caption This: Bus/Horse/Fluorescent Outerwear/London

My one is "This bloody bus driver just knocked me off my bike," which is funny, honestly, as it infers that the horse was cycling through London because it's wearing a fluorescent bib. The horse's four-wheeled, mouth-steered bicycle is not pictured because it's still under the front wheels of the bus. Read More >>

Horses Can Use Symbols to Communicate Their Desires

By using a message board with three icons, scientists have shown that horses can use symbolic language to convey their preferences. They now join an elite group of animals that exhibit communications once thought exclusive to humans. Others in the group include primates, dolphins, and pigeons. Read More >>

Robotic X-Rays Make Racehorses’ Lives Much Easier

In order to CT scan a horse, the half-tonne animal has to be anaesthetised and carefully manoeuvred into a machine. The procedure is even more difficult than it sounds. A newly developed technique uses a pair of precisely controlled robots to perform the scan, so that the animal can be awake and standing up while it’s being imaged. Read More >>

A T-Rex Riding a Horse Kicking a Football is Everything Wonderful About the Internet

The internet has some dark corners, there’s no denying that. But how could humanity ever carry on without a tool that lets us share a brilliant video of a man in an inflatable T-rex costume riding a horse kicking a giant football? Read More >>

Woman Rides Horse into Tesco as Neknominate Trend Hits the Mainstream

The dumb neknominate trend continues to spread across the planet like an unwanted idiot-zombie invasion, with a woman from Bishop Auckland managing to out-do her local clown competition by riding a horse into Tesco to impress internet drunks. She only necked a Pepsi, though, so wasn't drink-riding. Read More >>

Sex With Animals Will Give You Penis Cancer

I hope you didn't need the risk of death to convince you to not have sex with animals. But just in case, know this: bestiality will give you penis cancer. Read More >>