Manchester Hospital Bans Sugar From Patient and Staff Food

High-fructose corn syrup addicts living in the vicinity of Manchester's Tameside hospital had better hope they never get sick, as the hospital has banned all sugary snacks and drinks from sale inside the premises -- and has even encouraged the on-site chefs to make sure the meals offered to patients and staff are sugar free, too. Read More >>

Japanese Super Fungus Takes Hold in Our Hospitals

Scientists have found a new type of fungus. Ahh, how cute. They'll probably name it after David Attenborough and... no wait. This is a bad one and it already has a name. Read More >>

Bristol Hospital Decides to Stop Killing Foxes

Bristol's Southmead Hospital caused a minor local outrage last week, when it revealed that it had hired some hardmen to capture and destroy a family of foxes that had made their home outside the hospital's maternity unit. Read More >>

NHS Trust Could Use Uber to Wheel About the Sick

One London NHS trust that covers five of the capital's hospitals is thinking about using Uber cars to carry patients between departments and locations, in the hope that shuffling them around beds in such a manner might free up space quicker and lessen some of the stress placed on the ambulance service. Read More >>

Security Testers Managed to Hack Hospital Patient Monitors and Drug Dispensers

As part of a wide-ranging, two-year-long attack, hackers managed to breach the systems of a number of US hospitals, exposing critical patient systems to wide-ranging attacks. Luckily, the hacks were just a drill, but the flaws exposed are scary as hell. Read More >>

The Sick Will Be Saved… By Free NHS Hospital Wi-Fi

All NHS buildings in England will soon have complimentary Wi-Fi inside them to alleviate the boredom of waiting for clinic appointments and operations to happen, with a scheme to replace today's patchwork coverage of paid services and no services hopefully in place by the year 2020. Read More >>

Robot Porters Coming to Ferry Poo Around Glasgow Hospitals

A miniature fleet of autonomous robots will be helping out in and around Glasgow's new South Glasgow University Hospital when it opens later this month, with the hospital said to be investing £1.3m on the jumped-up new self-aware trollies. Read More >>

Can the Design of Hospitals Help Patients Recover Faster?

Can the way hospitals are designed improve the experiences of staff and visitors, and even the recovery of patients? Read More >>

Taking Google Out of Glass Makes it Perfect for Hospitals

Google Glass might get you suspicious looks in a restaurant, but it could save your life on the operating table. Read More >>

Only a Russian Billionaire Could Come Up With This Hospital Design

Vasily Klyukin is the Monaco-based Russian co-owner of Sovcombank, a Russian commercial bank. He is also, if these sketches of his latest architecture project are anything to go by, a little insane. Read More >>

More Than 300 People a Year Wake up During Surgery

Horror-stats compiled and released by the Royal College of Anaesthetists and Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland have counted the number of people who wake up from the anaesthetic during surgery, revealing that 300 people a year suffer the living hell of awaking during an operation. Read More >>

Hospital Hacks are Skyrocketing Because Hospitals are Super Easy to Hack

According to a fresh report from cybersecurity experts, hospitals are hackers' new favourite playground. That's unsettling news for anyone who's ever visited a hospital (read: everyone) but it also offers a curious window into how we guard our most important data. Put bluntly, we do a pretty piss poor job of it. Read More >>

Why Chinese Hackers Stole 4.5 Million US Hospital Records

This month's instalment of Chinese hackers stealing US data focuses on breaches at an especially scary type of venue: hospitals. A massive hospital empire that mostly serves small towns and rural areas reports that hackers lifted 4.5 million patient records earlier this year. You might be surprised by what the hackers were after. Read More >>

Exploring the Decaying Ruins of Brother Island, NYC’s Last Unknown Place

Surrounding the bustling island of Manhattan are countless lesser-known landforms. One of the most unique is North Brother Island. Sitting in the East River between the Bronx and Rikers Island, this unassuming chunk of land once housed a hospital where the city quarantined sick patients. Read More >>

Sanitiser-Dispensing Door Handles Ensure Hospital Staff Stay Clean

When you work in an environment that's all about battling germs, bacteria, and disease, common sense dictates that you should always keep your hands clean. But that's easier said than done, at least until these clever PullClean sanitiser dispensing door handles are installed in every hospital, doctor's office, and clinic around the world. Read More >>