This Animated Lego Fan Film Is as Good as the Official Movies

Has the winter weather made it difficult for you to pop out to the cinema to catch The Lego Movie 2? Eventually the flakes will stop falling, but until they do, Nukazooka’s excellent fan film Lego: The Great Escape will tide you over with characters, animation, and a story that’s just as entertaining as the official movies. Did we also mention there’s a cat? Read More >>

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Hot Wheels Is Getting Its Own Movie, Because Of Course It Is

“If you try hard enough, any popular line of toys can be turned into a successful cinematic franchise.” - Old Hollywood proverb. Read More >>

Rocket League is a Lot Easier When You’re Playing It In Real Life

Rocket League seems like a game that wouldn’t translate well to real life. It’s super intense, with cars that seem to defy physics and balls that explode. But the real-life version we had the chance to play at Toy Fair in New York this weekend is just as fun, while being a lot easier to master. Read More >>

Hot Wheels Made a Real-Life Version of Rocket League With Tiny RC Cars

With Rocket League having already arrived on the Nintendo Switch, Psyonix and Mattel have teamed up to create the second most portable version of the game. The Hot Wheels Rocket League RC Rivals set brings Rocket League into the real world with a pair of tiny RC cars you use to knock a giant ball into your opponent’s net. Read More >>

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Melt Your Brain With a Ride Through This Psychedelic Hot Wheels Track Setup

Maybe last thing on a Wednesday isn’t the best time to melt your brain. But then again, since the week is only half over, taking a ride on a psychedelic Hot Wheels track might actually be the perfect distraction to all the work you’d rather not be doing. Read More >>

This Guy’s Hot Wheels Collection Is Worth Over $1 Million

Ready to feel anger and resentment towards your younger self for not taking better care of your toys? Bruce Pascal has been collecting them since he was seven years old, and now that he’s all grown up his collection, with over 3,000 tiny cars in it, is worth well north of a million dollars. Read More >>

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Putting a GoPro on a Hot Wheels Track is the Safest Way to Become a Stunt Driver

Think you can pull off burnouts, drifts, and breath-taking jumps in your sedan just because you’ve seen all the Fast and Furious films? Being a stunt driver takes years of practice and the right equipment — and you probably have neither. But it turns you can get a similar experience by just slapping a GoPro on a Hot Wheels car and send it hurtling down a track. Read More >>

Hot Wheels’ New RC Cars Have Minds of Their Own

Racing your Hot Wheels cars usually requires a good imagination, a makeshift track, and a lot of DIY sound effects. But with the new Hot Wheels AI race system, you can finally race your friends, or a computer opponent, on a real track, without needing a smartphone—or a driving license. Read More >>

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What it’s Like to Drive a Hot Wheels Car on a Twisting Daredevil Track

Every time a kid sends a Hot Wheels car hurdling down a twisty track, in the back of their mind they’re imagining what it would be like to be at the wheel of that tiny vehicle. Read More >>

You Can Now Add The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine to Your Hot Wheels Collection

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine album, and the animated film that followed two years later, Mattel is finally getting around to turning that imaginary golden underwater explorer into a Hot Wheels car, followed by an entire line of vehicles inspired by the movie. Read More >>

Hot Wheels New Series of Classic Porsches Were Customised by a Famous Collector

At first glance, the last thing you’d assume was that Magnus Walker was a prolific Porsche collector and enthusiast. But maybe that’s why he was the perfect choice to help Hot Wheels customise its new collection of classic 1:64-scale Porsches. Read More >>

Hot Wheels Rolls Out 4 New Character Cars, But Wonder Woman Steals the Show

In support of Women’s History Month, today Hot Wheels revealed four new character cars based on female headliners from Marvel, DC, and Star Wars. But the star of today’s miniature auto show is definitely the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Wonder Woman character car. Read More >>

The First Minecraft Hot Wheels Car is Just a Box on Wheels

It looks like Mattel has decided to test the dedication of die-hard Hot Wheels collectors and completionists. The line’s first Minecraft-themed vehicle, the Minecart, is a perfect recreation of the one appearing in the game. So in other words, it’s nothing more than a box on wheels. Read More >>

Imagination, Not Roads, Is What Hot Wheels’ Hover Mode BTTF II DeLorean Needs to Fly

October 21st, 2015, is finally upon us, and what futuristic wonders do we have to show for it? Awful 3D movies, hoverboards with wheels, and Pepsi still sold in cans. At least Hot Wheels has come through with a hover version of Doc Brown’s time-travelling DeLorean. Read More >>

This Genius Figured Out How to Drift Hot Wheels Cars

With enough imagination, a Hot Wheels or Matchbox diecast car can do almost anything. But in real life, their abilities are limited to pretty much just rolling forward. Unless they're in the hands of Phil Foss who's actually found a way to get Hot Wheels and other toy cars to drift around corners like Ken Block was at the wheel. Read More >>