How the Royal Flying Corps’ ‘Superman’ ‘Image Masked a Crisis of Nervous Disorders During WWI

As the Great War was concerned there are few figures glamorised more than the fighter pilots of the Royal Flying Corps. As ‘knights of the skies’, fighter pilots were immortalised as full of derring-do and 'can do' spirit. Anyone who’s enjoyed the irreverence of Blackadder Goes Forth will remember the flying ace Lord Flashheart and his enormous ego. He may have been a braggart, but he is indefatigable and his actions match his words. Read More >>

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New Charity Campaign Asks Landlords To Let People Have Cats, FFS

A new campaign from Cats Protection is asking the landlords of the UK to consider allowing their tenants to have just a tiny bit of joy in their lives. Read More >>

How Amazon Now Shapes What Our Stuff Looks Like

Tide, a brand of American laundry detergent, just announced a new alternative to the classic bottle of detergent. It basically looks and works just like a box of wine, which is sort of funny because of that whole meme about teens eating Tide Pods. But the new Tide Eco-Box is no joke. It’s actually a glimpse into a future where Amazon is dictating what our stuff looks like. Read More >>

From OB-1 To Yoda1, Meet the Chemicals Named After Star Wars Characters

It’s 1758, the Wi-Fi is shocking and you’re a scientist who’s just made an incredible discovery. A new species, new organ, new kind of coat hanger, it doesn’t matter, it’s new to science and it’s all yours. So, what do you name it? After yourself? Too vain. After your dog? Interesting choice, but you can surely do better. This discovery is crying out to be named after something incredible, something cool like a Rockstar, a Hollywood actor or an animated sci-fi character; something that doesn’t exist in 1758… Read More >>

Smyths Toys Reduced the Lego Death Star By £110 For Black Friday

Editor's Note: We knows the links aren't working, our system is playing up and we are working on getting it fixed. In the meantime head to SmythsToys.com, where you can find the deal directly. Read More >>

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald Is Criminally Underbaked

There’s a moment near the end of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwaldwhen I realised the scene I was watching could have been the second one in the movie. Instead, it was near the end, climactic and important. Yet it took so long to get here and everything that happened prior was so superfluous to the events unfolding, it dawned on me that the latest film in J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World simply wasn’t up to par. Read More >>

PlayStation Classic Plays Fine, But It’s A Bare-Bones Experience

With the PlayStation Classic’s release less than a month away, I went to PlayStation HQ this week for three hours of hands-on time with Sony’s nostalgic mini-console. It plays its selection of 32-bit classics like Final Fantasy VII and Resident Evil: Director’s Cut just fine, but the features of the device are pretty much the bare minimum. Read More >>

The Nintendo Switch Doesn’t Need YouTube, or Any Other Streaming App

This article was published in its original form back in June, and has been updated to reflect YouTube's recent launch on the Switch. Read More >>

5 of the Best Easter Eggs on the OnePlus 6T

We do love a good Easter egg on a new piece of tech, and it seems OnePlus feels the same, because they've included a whole bunch of them on the brand new 6T. Read More >>

Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro Review: A Lot of Phone for a Little Price

Xiaomi is probably not a brand name that means much to you – at least at the minute. The Chinese company has just officially launched in the UK , so it’s a name you can expect to start seeing more of. Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro is their latest handset, and it's being released here before any other country that isn't called China. Oh, and it has specs to rival leading brands’ flagship handsets – but without a known name emblazoned on the back. The Mi 8 Pro also happens to be much more reasonably priced: £499, in fact. Read More >>

Everything You Need to Know About Xiaomi’s UK Launch

Today's the day people, the day Xiaomi extends its European operations and brings its phone to the UK. Officially anyway, meaning you don't need to go to a possibly-sketchy importer to get yourself one of the company's low-cost handsets. Here's everything we know about the launch, and where you can get a Xiaomi phone. Read More >>

Asda Now Does Takeaway Pizza

Getting takeaway pizza just got a lot cheaper with the news that Asda is teaming up with JustEat to deliver its £6 pizzas to your doorstep. Read More >>

Samsung’s Foldable Phone Has a Tablet Hiding Inside

The keynote speech at Samsung's Developer Conference has just finished, and on stage the company finally unveiled the foldable phone we've been hearing about for so long. Read More >>

Here’s When Honor and Huawei Phones Will Get Android Pie

Huawei has announced a date for when owners of devices still on EMUI 8.0, based on Android Oreo, can expect the upgrade to EMUI 9.0, based on Android Pie. Read More >>

Here are All the Best OnePlus 6T Deals You Can Get in the UK

Many places may have opened up pre-orders for the OnePlus 6T last week, but the phone itself wasn't actually going on sale until today. If you've read the reviews, seen the fancy new fingerprint scanner, and decided you want one for yourself, you're probably wondering where you can get the best deal. Well we've been doing some research, and below you will find a list of all the retailers and networks that are stocking the phone - plus some of the deals and perks you can get along with it. Read More >>