The Next Pseudoscience Health Craze Is All About Genetics

Recently, Vitaliy Husar received results from a DNA screening that changed his life. It wasn’t a gene that suggested a high likelihood of cancer or a shocking revelation about his family tree. It was his diet. It was all wrong. Read More >>

An Alien Hunter on the Risks and Rewards of Landing on Europa

On Friday, February 10th, NASA announced that a team of 21 scientists had delivered their first report on a lander mission to explore the possibility of life on Jupiter’s icy moon Europa. The NASA-employed Science Definition Team (SDT) recommended that NASA send a probe as soon as 2031, about a decade after an already-planned Europa flyby mission. Read More >>

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How to Build the Ultimate Movie and Music Server

If you’re like me, you’ve got hundreds of gigabytes of digital media files, everything from movies, to music, to TV shows, stored across portable hard drives, old laptops, and various PCs. Wouldn’t it be great if all of that media could live in one place and be able to be easily accessed by your other computers and smart devices? With the right apps and a network attached storage device, you can do just that. Read More >>

Here’s What TfL Learned From Tracking Your Phone On the Tube

At the end of last year, between 21st November and 19th December, Transport for London carried out an intriguing trial: It was going to track your phone on the London Underground. Read More >>

Don’t Waste Money on Intel’s Top Processor

It’s time to replace your computer. Maybe it was purchased during the last Republican administration, or you ruined it was a spilled drink, or maybe you’ve just got some money to burn and you’d like to blow it on Intel’s new Kaby Lake microarchitecture. Whatever the reason, you’re ready to upgrade your computer, and you’re going to be left with a big choice. Do you spend the extra cash for the categorically faster i7 processor, or do you pinch a few pennies and go with the i5? Read More >>

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5 Ways to Stop Spending So Much on Printing

We’re slowing getting closer to that long-standing goal of paperless offices (and home offices), but, unfortunately, we’re not there yet—and if you’ve got a printer or two installed at home the costs can quickly rack up. Yet with a little time and some effort you can drive the costs down while still churning out page after page of Mapquest directions or FedEx shipping labels. Read More >>

The Bizarre History of Legion, One of Marvel’s Most Powerful Mutants

Tomorrow, Fox launches its first X-Men-inspired TV show: Legion, which follows the seemingly indescribable life of David Haller, a man who thinks he either has vast psychic powers or he’s going insane. But despite some major ties to equally major X-Men characters, Haller—a.k.a. Legion—is relatively unknown. Here’s what you need to know. Read More >>

Inside Ocado: Discover The Hidden Robotic Intelligence Behind Your Online Shopping

When it comes to future technologies, the place you might assume to look is from the big players that we write about every day: Google, Apple, and Amazon. These are the companies that routinely blow our minds by showing us what the future looks like. Read More >>

24 Legacy: Does Jack Bauer’s Black & White Morality Still Work in 2017?

24 is back, even if Jack Bauer isn’t. With Kiefer Sutherland now saving America from the relative safety of the Oval Office in Designated Survivor, the job of kicking terrorists in the face now falls to Corey Hawkins as Eric Carter, 24: Legacy’s lead. Read More >>

The Batman We Needed and Deserved: Our Spoiler-Free Review of The Lego Batman Movie

Batman was the breakout star of 2014's The Lego Movie, so it made total sense that Warner Bros. would greenlight a Bat-themed spin-off. Batman keeps raking in millions upon millions after all, and that's without making himself suitable for a child-aged audience. Read More >>

Everything is Batman: All the Easter Eggs and References We Spotted in The Lego Batman Movie

After a few years of waiting, the Batman-centric Lego Movie spin-off is finally here. Sort of. It's actually out for real on Friday 10th, but people have been able to go and see it this weekend. The film is good, and we'll have a review up on site fairly soon. It is also, as promised, filled with easter eggs and callbacks to the Batmen of old, and given the 75+ year history of the character there are plenty of them to enjoy. Here's everything we spotted: Read More >>

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Watch The New Top Gear Trailer: Evans Out, Reid and Harris In

The BBC has just released the trailer for the new series of Top Gear - the second since the departure of Clarkson, May and Hammond, and the first since Chris Evans also drove off into the night. Read More >>

The Grand Tour Season 2: 7 Ways Clarkson, Hammond and May Need to Improve the Show

And so that's it, season one of The Grand Tour has hit the parking garage and the protective dust covers have once again been pulled over Clarkson, Hammond and May. The most eagerly awaited show of the internet era, it has shocked, surprised and satisfied in equal measures over the last 12 weeks. Read More >>

Google Daydream vs Samsung Gear VR: Which Mobile VR Platform is Best?

Getting a premium VR headset is a pricey endeavour, and even the relatively cheap PSVR requires a minimum of £550 to get the most basic experience. But there are other systems capable of using your smartphone, that thing you use every single day, to offer a VR experience. It's nowhere near as impressive as the uber-expensive stuff, but it's also a darn sight cheaper. The only question is, which platform is best? Read More >>

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Scaring Us Silly: How VR is Making Horror More Realistic Than Ever

Games developers and film-makers have been creating spine-chilling experiences within the horror genre for decades. Combining haunting soundtracks, shadowy threats, elements of surprise, otherworldly aliens, unsteady found-footage camerawork, grotesque imagery and so much more to scare us silly on big and small screens alike. Read More >>