AirPlay 2 vs Google Cast: Which You Should Actually Use

Apple and Google compete in a whole host of areas, from mobile operating systems to music platforms, so it follows that they have competing streaming media protocols as well—something that we’ve been hearing plenty about at CES 2019. But how exactly do these technologies work? And how do they stack up against each other? Read More >>

The Nvidia RTX 2060 Is Perfectly Adequate

At CES a reporter had a question for Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang. What could he say to alleviate the concerns of fans who felt that the new RTX 20-series GPUs were overpriced and trying to force ray tracing technology on customers who don’t have much use for it? Huang smiled, with a mixture of serenity and satisfaction. “2060,” he said as if those four numbers were the secret to life and all of Nvidia’s success. Huang was referencing the just announced Nvidia RTX 2060 GPU, a card that’s pricier than its equivalent in previous generations, but still your most accessible entry point to the future of graphics. Read More >>

Why Do We Forget?

To live is to forget – account numbers, names, the precise locations of keys and wallets, friends from childhood, peripheral characters from prestige TV shows, inside jokes, past ambitions, U.S. history, much else. Goldfish with guns: that’s the human race. But every frailty, we know, serves some larger adaptive purpose. So it is worth asking, as we wrack our brains for whatever it was we know we were supposed to do today: why must things be like this? Why do we forget? For this week’s Giz Asks, we reached out to a number of neuroscientists and psychologists to find out. Read More >>

Glass Should be the Template for How Disney Handles Mature Superhero Movies

Last week saw Glass, the sequel to both Unbreakable and Split, hit cinemas. Like many releases it's a superhero film, but unlike most of them it's not the kind of thing you'd want to take your kids to. That's not surprising, considering the fact it features James McAvoy playing a cannibalistic serial killer with 14 different personalities running around his head. The surprising thing is that Disney, the company famous for trying to maintain a clean family-friendly image, is one of the many parties involved with the film. Read More >>

ces 2019
Feel the Force: Haptics Could Soon Make All Your Ready Player One Dreams Come True

Last year’s hit VR movie Ready Player One featured some fantastic future dream tech, from omni-directional treadmills that you can set up in your front room to a sprawling virtual world called The Oasis that everyone unashamedly prefers to the real one. Read More >>

star trek
Star Trek: Discovery Returns Boldly, But We’re Not Quite Sure Where It’s Going Yet

When Star Trek: Discovery premiered back in 2017, our recap praised its spectacle but questioned just where the show would be going thematically. Now, Discovery is back for season two, with a premiere that revels in the spectacle of space exploration once more, but has us asking that same question. Read More >>

The Grand Tour Game is Amusingly Bad

Available now for the low, low price of £11.99/$14.99, playing The Grand Tour Game is like taking a trip back in time. Read More >>

You Asked For It: What James O’Malley Thinks of The Grand Tour’s Third Series Premiere

When I signed off my Gizmodo UK editorship last October, I was sad to go. Despite the promise of new challenges ahead, I was going to miss working with my excellent colleagues. But whenever I felt sad about it, I gave myself a little pep talk while looking in the bathroom mirror: “At least you’ll never have to watch The Grand Tour ever again”, I’d tell myself. Read More >>

Alexa, Violate My Privacy

Most readers of this site are probably fairly tech savvy. We are the ones who fix our family’s minor IT troubles. We adjust the settings on the TV that went haywire after that time the cat walked over the remote. Whenever we look at our parents’ computer screen, we die a little on the inside as we take in the wealth of bloatware that has crept into the browser that we cleaned just last month. We roll our eyes and wonder how clueless someone has to be to keep on getting caught out by this nonsense. Read More >>

Morrisons Launches “Posh” Salads for Those Still Bravely Swearing Off Sausage Rolls

Supermarket Morrisons, no doubt furious with itself for not having the idea of launching a vegan sausage roll for the 2019 health kickers, has done something vaguely interesting in the austere world of the salad instead. It's dreamed up some new combinations of meats and vegetables, which it's putting in boxes so they may be described as posher that their plastic potted peers. Read More >>

The EU Has Taken Away McDonalds’ Trademark on ‘Big Mac’

We don't see true David v Goliath victories in the courts very often these days – sadly it's often a case of 'whoever has the most money gets the best result.' But a scrappy Irish restaurant chain called Supermac's has just managed to get the mighty McDonalds' trademark on 'Big Mac' overturned across the whole of Europe. Read More >>

What’s the Loudest Sound in the Universe?

The human tolerance for sound is, on a galactic level, puny. Volcano eruptions, jackhammer-intensive construction work, My Bloody Valentine concerts – these tinnitus-inducing phenomena are barely whispers besides the majestic, roiling bursts and collisions going on in outer space. Read More >>

Everything We Spotted in the First Trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home

Avengers 4 may be the endgame, but there's no way in hell that Marvel is ever going to stop making these films. Not while they're still making money anyway. The first post-Endgame film arrives just a few short months after The Avengers go after Thanos for the second time, and it features everyone's favourite neighbourhood Spider-hero. There's still a lot we don't know about Far From Home, but the first trailer answers a few questions about what we can expect from Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends. Read More >>

ces 2019
CES Proves Tech Companies Won’t Be Happy Until We’re All Drowning in Debt

The Consumer Electronics Show is done for another year and jaded tech reporters, hyper-caffeinated PR representatives and bleary-eyed industry staffers are now emerging into mid-January to take stock of an event that saw the usual mix of headline-grabbing novelty gadgets, absurdly large TVs and concerns over how poorly event organisers treat women, as well as a demonstration that tech companies want to put voice assistance everywhere. Read More >>

There’s A Range Of Fancy London Underground Accessories At Selfridges

London Underground merch is all the rage lately. We've had trainers, more trainers, and now a whole range of snooty accessories at Selfridges. Read More >>