The Dangers of Tech’s Privacy Promises

Where do you go to tell a secret? Probably depends on the secret. What you’d feel comfortable murmuring to a friend in a private meeting is likely not what you’d say loudly to a coworker while your boss is in earshot. Online, we not only communicate, we calculate—based on who we’re speaking to, or what platform we’re using, we gauge whether the information we divulge will remain solely with the people we’ve chosen to share it with. As leaks, breaches, and data collection scandals grab headlines, it’s clear that we’re often wrong. And as it turns out, it’s our very trust in technology that promises privacy and anonymity that often makes that violation worse. Read More >>

The Many Lives of Wonder Woman’s Steve Trevor, Explained

Last week we got our very first look at Patty Jenkins’ next DC movie, Wonder Woman 1984—and learned that somehow, Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor will be appearing in the movie, despite his rather explosive exit in the first film. But it’s not really the first time Wonder Woman’s most famous love interest has cheated death. Read More >>

What’s NIU? Could The Electric Scooter Solve Britain’s Congestion Problems?

One of the biggest trends in technology at the moment is the slow march towards electric cars. One day, in what will hopefully be the near future, we’ll hit a tipping point where most new cars aren’t powered by fossil fuels, but by clean electricity. This is going to be great news for the environment — both in terms of climate change, and in terms of air quality in cities. Read More >>

star wars
Natalie Portman Is Willing to Meet Her Deadbeat Star Wars Son, Who Never Force-Calls

Last weekend, Mark Hamill decided to mark Natalie Portman’s birthday with a shocking revelation for Star Wars fans: Luke Skywalker has never met his mother Padmé: Read More >>

Formula One Champ Nico Rosberg Talks Beer, Behaviour and Boffins In a Bid to Stop Us Drink Driving

Everybody has the odd dumb idea from time to time, so piloting a drone in a no-fly zone at the Montreal Grand Prix with a helicopter hovering overhead seems like a particularly daft notion. Read More >>

The Latest Breed of 2-in-1s Have Finally Realised the Hybrid Dream

Even though they don’t look much different than a lot of other hybrid laptops, the release of the Dell’s XPS 15 2-in-1 and HP’s Spectre x360 15 is an important moment for today’s convertible PCs. That’s because by putting powerful, but not exceedingly expensive GPUs inside already flexible machines, it feels like 2-in-1s are finally ready to deliver on what made the idea of convertible computers so exciting in the first place. Read More >>

On Amazon’s Time
Incredibles 2 Is a Super Sequel That Was Absolutely Worth the Wait

Incredibles 2 takes everything you love about the Oscar-winning original and flips it on its head. The result is a highly-entertaining, slightly familiar tale with bigger action, interesting subtext, and all the smarts, heart, and laughs you could ask for. It’s Pixar doing what Pixar does best. Read More >>

Forget Your Dreams: This Data Proves You’re Too Old To Play In A World Cup Team

When you were young, did you ever dream of one day being on the England football team, walking out into a packed World Cup stadium and representing your country on the pitch? I sure didn’t, but I was definitely bullied by people who did. Read More >>

Leaked Images Claim to Show Off Google’s Pixel 3 XL

We all knew Google would be making a third Pixel phone at some point, and over the past several weeks there's been a small trickle of information leaking out about what that phone might involve. Today we got a pretty in depth look at the thing, thanks to some photos that have leaked showing off what is clearly meant to be a Pixel-type phone. Read More >>

Welsh Apocalypse Survival Island Fort Yours for Just £400,000

A building known as Stack Rock Fort is on the market, and that name's not overselling it. It's a proper fort, from the 1850s, built on a rock in the sea that the seller is generously describing as an island. It's a small, rocky island, with a substantial amount of sea view. Read More >>

How AI is Evolving the Fight Against Cancer

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been hailed to be the next saviour of the NHS , with new robotic overlords saving thousands of lives from cancer-related deaths over the next 15 years. AI has suddenly become panacea, solving everything from self-driving cars to detecting fake news - but what changed so fast? Read More >>

The Silk White OnePlus 6 Sold Out in Under 24 Hours

OnePlus is pretty popular, there's no denying that, but just in case you needed some proof of that fact just look towards the new Silk White OnePlus 6. The phone went on sale yesterday morning, and 24 hours later it's already sold out across Europe. Read More >>

Couple Who Scammed Amazon Out of More Than £895,000 in Electronics Sentenced to Nearly Six Years in Prison

Back in October, Gizmodo reported that a couple in the US state of Indiana had been charged for relieving $1.2 million (£895,400) worth of merchandise from Amazon. The US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Indiana yesterday sentenced husband and wife Erin and Leah Finan to nearly six years in prison each. Read More >>

star wars
The Boba Fett Movie Shouldn’t Star Boba Fett

Plans for a Boba Fett film have been in the works for a long time — Lucasfilm almost officially announced one, to be helmed by the Fantastic Four reboot’s Josh Trank, in 2015. But plans have changed, and with the recent reports that Logan director James Mangold has boarded the project, Fett’s back in business. But... should he be? Read More >>