This Is the Best Gaming Controller You Can Buy

I resisted the urge to fling the controller across the room as I tried, once again, to beat the first damn level of Cuphead. I’d been making my attempts using what is currently one of the best PC game controllers to date, the Microsoft Xbox One Elite. But it wasn’t happening. Then I switched over to Razer’s ridiculously-named Wolverine Ultimate. The buttons on the Razer controller seemed to have the same response time, but they also had a nice snap to them and were so much more pleasant to press. I finally beat the level. Read More >>

Justice League Shows Us The Tragedy of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman

It’s hard to comment on Justice League without talking about the drama behind it. Whatever noble intentions there might be about separating the art from the artists, the modern world makes achieving this distance impossible thanks to blanket coverage from the moment the film is greenlit until the moment it ends up in the streaming equivalent of the Bargain Bin. Read More >>

All the Easter Eggs and References We Spotted in Justice League

After years of aborted starts, failed attempts, and a troubled production, Justice League is finally here. DC's premier superhero team finally has a big-screen live-action adaptation to call its own, and it's, well... I enjoyed it, despite the flaws. Some people didn't. Read More >>

Netflix’s The Punisher is a Brutal Humanisation of Frank Castle That Can’t Face Its Own Demons

The last time we saw Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, he’d fully embraced his Punisher persona and taken to doling out his personal brand of justice even after he’d killed the people directly responsible for the death of his family. It’s interesting, then, that that man is not the Frank Castle we meet in the opening moments of Netflix’s The Punisher. Read More >>

Why Designated Survivor Sucks

When the world first saw the trailer for Designated Survivor a couple of years ago, it seemed inevitable that it would be a huge hit. The show had an instantly compelling premise: What if Congress was destroyed in a terrorist attack, and all of a sudden the “designated survivor” - a low ranking cabinet member - instantly became the President? Read More >>

Sky Soundbox Review: It’s Good – If You Have Sky

While Sky’s announcement for this high-end soundbar may have come as a bit of a surprise earlier this year, the satellite broadcaster is by no means a stranger to offering up their own audio solutions. Read More >>

Justice League Review Round Up: It’s Certainly No Avengers

The embargoes have lifted, and now the first reviews for DC's second team-up movie have started rolling in. Over the weekend we saw some first impressions that were a bit all over the place and, well, the reviews seem to be pretty similar. It probably won't be as divisive as Batman v Superman, but it's safe to say that this film is certainly no Avengers. Read More >>

Google’s Pixel Buds Aren’t Even Close to Being Good

There was always something off about the Pixel Buds. Google released the smart, wireless headphones a full year after Apple released the AirPods. But the Pixel Buds aren’t exactly wireless, and they’re not exactly smart, either. In fact, after spending a few days with the product, I’m prepared to say it: The Pixel Buds suck. Read More >>

This Smartwatch Is Powered by Body Heat, and That’s Cool as Hell

What if, instead of frantically trying to find a power outlet when your smartphone is about to die, you simply had to hold it in your hand and scroll through Instagram for a while? That’s the future the Matrix PowerWatch teases, because it’s able to charge itself using nothing but the warmth of your body. Unfortunately, there’s a bit of a trade-off I’ve noticed in my limited use, and infinite power comes with the need for some exceptional vision. Read More >>

star trek
I Want to Love Star Trek: Discovery But it’s an Absolute Mess

Star Trek has been part of my life since I was a baby. My Dad’s a Trekkie so I grew up watching it. My childhood cat was called Tribble, for crying out loud. I’m a Star Trek nerd. And, like all other Star Trek nerds, I was thrilled when a new series was FINALLY announced (I guess it took that long for the franchise to recover from Enterprise...). I want to love the show. I want it to bring Star Trek screaming into our morally complicated times, with a host of loveably odd characters and big damn heroes. Read More >>

Samsung’s Gear Sport Is Easier to Use Than the Apple Watch, But Where Are my Damn Apps?

The Apple Watch might be the most popular smartwatch, but its controls and interface don’t hold a candle to what you get on Samsung’s watches. The problem is that because Samsung has been trying to start its own watch ecosystem with Tizen OS, its watches never received the rabid support that Apple’s got from day one. But with new partnerships with some of the biggest workout app makers around and a tighter focus on fitness, it feels like Samsung and the new Gear Sport could be inching its way towards a critical mass. Read More >>

Amazon Echo Dot Vs. Google Home Mini: The Cheap Speaker Showdown

In the gadget-world, it’s cliché to compare something to The Jetsons. But when it comes to a cheap little box that you talk to and that answers your questions and that controls your entire home, the comparison is just too perfect. The £50 Amazon Echo Dot and the £50 Google Home Mini are two such boxes. They’re not perfect gadgets, but they offer a lot for the money. Read More >>

Don’t Let YouTube Babysit Your Children

Maybe it’s happened to you. You’re cruising around YouTube and then boom: a video of Spiderman hanging out with girls in bikinis trying to make Elsa from Frozen jealous and then the Joker appears, ready to fight. This would seem like a weird video to any sane adult. But the weirdest thing is that it’s actually made for kids. Read More >>

star wars
8 Ideas For Rian Johnson’s New Star Wars Trilogy

Last night Disney announced that there was going to be a brand new Star Wars trilogy, coming from Last Jedi creator Rian Johnson. Details are a little scarce right now, but we do know that the films will be standalone and not part of the 'Skywalker Saga' (ie Episodes I-IX). Read More >>

8 Annoying iOS 11 Problems and How to Deal With Them

Updating your iDevice to the latest version of iOS gets you the newest features and the best security protection, but it can also bring with it a slew of bugs and issues. iOS 11 has caused myriad problems, so here’s an easy reference guide to some of the issues you might be seeing and what you can do about them. Read More >>