Lego’s Got Another Set of Disney Minifigures on the Way

With news that Steamboat Willie is coming on 1st April, Lego seems to be on a bit of a Disney high. It's just gone and announced that the next range of minifigure blind-bags will feature the second wave of Disney characters. Characters like Anna and Elsa from Frozen, Steamboat Mickey and Minnie, Scrooge McDuck, plus a few other welcome faces. Read More >>

The First Wave of Lego Steamboat Willie Boxes Have a Misprint

Earlier this week Lego announced that it was releasing its brickified version of Steamboat Willie on 1st April, for the slightly hefty price of £80. It's suspiciously fast for a Lego Ideas set that was only announced last month, and that might explain why there's a mistake on the box art. Read More >>

It’s Been 20 Years Since The Matrix Made Us Question Whether We’re Living in a Simulation

Imagine you’re about to make the biggest decision of your life and you’ve been given two options to choose from. One is comfortable and easy but would mean you’d spend the rest of your life in blissful ignorance. The other is painful and brutal but would mean you’d be granted access to unimagined freedom. This dilemma isn’t just one of the most powerful scenes in the 1999 movie The Matrix , but one of the most enduring science-fiction images of all time. Read More >>

The Next Version of OnePlus Wireless Bullets Will Be ‘Extreme’

Pete Lau, CEO of OnePlus, has been discussing the company's plans for its next wireless earbuds on the Chinese social network Weibo. Read More >>

Why Do Scientists Keep Putting Penguins on Treadmills?

Science has done a lot to broaden our understanding of the universe. It’s taken us to the moon, smashed subatomic particles together, and estimated the sell-by date of the Earth – it’s in 3.5 billion years, if you want to set your alarm clock. Read More >>

The Walking Dead’s Big Secret Has Been Revealed, and It’s Brilliant

Ever since the seven-or-so-year time jump earlier this season, viewers of the venerable zombie series have wondered what the hell happened between Rick’s departure and the present that led to the breakdown between the various communities and turned Michonne from someone trying to honor Carl’s vision of hope into a hardass willing to let anyone suffer as long as her own people are safe. Now we have the answer, and oh man. Oh man. Read More >>

giz asks
What’s the Least Useful Body Part?

We’re all familiar with the flashy, big-ticket organs: the heart, the brain, the lungs. Their celebrity often obscures the work—humbler, less heroic, but often no less essential to the maintenance of a life—performed by those organs only doctors know about: the body’s back-up players, pulsing and pumping in relative obscurity. Not to mention the mid-tier organs, like the gallbladder, whose functions most of us only dimly comprehend, unless—or until—they start acting up. Read More >>

Everyone with Spotify Premium for Family Gets a Free Google Home Mini

Hooray – a freebie that's not just for new customers. Read More >>

Google Pixel 4XL Leaks, Minus the Massive Notch

A purported image of the Google Pixel 4XL has leaked, and it doesn't have the great big robot-face-looking notch of the Pixel 3XL. Read More >>

Lego’s Steamboat Willie Set Will Arrive on 1st April

Last month Lego announced two new sets that spawned from Lego Ideas, the user-created range of sets that's brought classics like the Yellow Submarine, TARDIS, DeLorean, and more. One of the announcements was a Lego rendition of classic-Disney short Steamboat Willie, and the company has just announced it'll go on sale on 1st April. Read More >>

Behold the OnePlus 7 in All its Gradient Glory

We've already heard a bit about what the OnePlus 7 is likely to be through leaked renders and even a 360-degree video. We're expecting an all-screen phone with a pop-up selfie camera and a treble lens array on the back. Read More >>

artificial intelligence
It’s Surprisingly Easy to Make AI Think a Taxi Is a Vacuum Cleaner

Technologists like to put machine learning on a pedestal, exalting its ability to complement and even exceed human labour, but these systems are far from perfect. In fact, they are still tremendously vulnerable to self-owns. A research paper from January details how just how easy it is to trick an image recognition neural network. Read More >>

Star Trek: Discovery’s War Against Section 31 Just Got a Whole Lot Messier – and a Bit Less Interesting

Tonight’s Star Trek: Discovery made very clear what the major conflict of the rest of this season is going to be about. But in doing so, it seems to have sidestepped an altogether far more interesting conflict that’s already been brewing for most of the season. Read More >>

Music Writer From 1999 Predicts What Bands Will Still Be Around in 2019

What musicians that you enjoy today will still be around in 20 years? It’s tough to say. But the good people of 1999 tried to predict just that in an article that might raise a few eyebrows here in the year 2019. Read More >>

Woman Adds 9 Trillion Digits to Pi

Google employee Emma Haruka Iwao has absolutely smashed the previous world record for calculating Pi by adding almost nine trillion more digits. Read More >>