You Can Sleep in the Old Hydroelectric Plant In the Middle of This Lake

In 1995, the hydroelectric power plant on the shores of this Tasmanian lake went dark for the final time. It’s remained silent for 20 years since — until this year, when it re-opened with a radically different business model: A hotel. Read More >>

Almost All of the World’s Top Hotel Chains Use Easily Hackable Hardware

Hotel internet is so far from secure—it's downright scary. You should know this by now. However, a new report from cyber security researchers suggests that issues with crappy security at hotels extend far beyond hackable Wi-Fi networks. Entire systems at some of the world's top hotel chains are very, very vulnerable. Read More >>

Flagship Premier Inn Opens App Bookings for New Tech-Filled Hub Hotels

The Covent Garden branch of Premier Inn has been kitted out with all the modern things needed to coordinate an entirely app-based booking system, with Android and OS apps now ready to check availability and make reservations. Read More >>

A Gorgeous Rendering of a Hotel Wrapped Around Snowy Norwegian Mountains

This serpent-like hotel, coiled around the glacial outcroppings of Norway's gorgeous Lofoten Islands north of the Arctic Circle, has been proposed by the architecture firm Snøhetta. The building's central loop will enclose a courtyard, offering a "spectacular view and the feeling of being 'in the middle' of the elements," according to the architects. [Dezeen] Read More >>

Deal of the Day
A Stay in Luke Skywalker’s Home Is Your Living-the-Star-Wars-Dream Deal of the Day

As anyone with a pulse surely knows, the Star Wars movies are coming back to haunt our heads soon, so today's offer gives you a chance to get closer to some of the action (well, the action of the first few films, unless it got destroyed in the first one, can't remember). Read More >>

Your Hotel Bible Is Now a Kindle

The Hotel Indigo in Newcastle, England, is much like any other hotel: expensive mini bar, pointless shower caps, and bed sheets that take 10 minutes to get under. Until you peer into the beside table that is, because, in the place of a bible, there's a Kindle waiting to be read. Read More >>

Oracle CEO Ellison Buys Hawaiian Island; James Bond Gets Nervous

Larry Ellison, the sixth richest man in the world, has just bought 98 per cent of Lanai, the sixth largest island in Hawaii. All the other kids at the billionaires club must have been bullying Ellison over his private island credentials, because his newly purchased chunk of America is 1000 times bigger than Branson's puny piece of off-shore real estate, that'll show 'em. Read More >>