MPs Promise War on Pretending to Get Sick From a Magaluf Hotel Buffet

A while ago we did a thing about British tourists going abroad, having a good time, then getting home and pretending to be sick in order to get a nice wedge of compensation from the hotel that did their catering. Well, Mr Feignington-Illness, that ruse is about to come to an end thanks to the GOVERNMENT. Read More >>

Hilton UK Tests Phones as Door Keys

The Hilton hotel chain is about to test using NFC-equipped smartphones as door keys, with a trial about to start in 10 of its UK properties -- and an ambition of getting around 100 wired up for it by the end of the year. Read More >>

Belfast’s Titanic Hotel Prepares for September Launch

The Titanic-ification of Belfast is set to reach new heights later this summer, with the opening of the Titanic Hotel in the Titanic Quarter of where they made the Titanic -- a luxury development based in the former offices of ship designer Harland & Wolff. Read More >>

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How to Use Your Chromecast in a Hotel Room

Google’s Chromecast is one of the most useful streaming dongles ever invented—but its functionality falls down as soon as your internet access is restricted or just not available at all. Getting a Chromecast working in a hotel room isn’t easy, but it is possible. These are the tricks you can try. Read More >>

At This Incredible Hotel in Antarctica, You Can Freeze Your Ass Off in Style

If, unlike me, you look ineffably cool wearing a giant parka, slogging around in the snow and freezing your bum off, you might consider a jaunt to the White Desert camp in Antarctica. Also, you’ll need £55,000 for an 11-night stay. Read More >>

Hilton Hotels Spams Users With Accidental Phishing Soundalike

The Hilton recently group tried to check up on its customers via email, sending out a bland communication that greeted them with "Hello [name]" and asked them to click on a link to hand over their details. Problem was, this resembled phishing methods so perfectly that customers -- and even Hilton staff -- thought it was a fake hunting for personal details. Read More >>

Fawlty Towers Hotel Inspiration to be Demolished

The hotel that inspired the creation of Fawlty Towers is set to be demolished, with local councillors in Torquay approving a request to knock down the Gleneagles Hotel to allow some flats to take its place. Read More >>

Watch This Guy Open a Hotel Room Safe With a Pocketknife and Paperclip

Did you pay extra for a deluxe hotel room that came with a safe? It doesn’t matter how complex you think you four-digit code is, it turns out the safe’s keypad can probably be over-ridden using a secret keyhole that’s surprisingly easy to hack. Read More >>

Behold, a Real Hotel Staffed By Talking Androids and Robotic Dinosaurs

There is now a hotel in the world with a dinosaur concierge. He’s also a robot. He also speaks English. He wears a cute li’l bow tie. And his co-workers are also robots. Welcome to Henn na Hotel, aka, “Weird Hotel.” Read More >>

The Eery Ruins of 11 Abandoned Hotels

Tourism is a funny thing. Sometimes hot spots are hot, prompting opportunistic developers to build. And sometimes they're not. (The outbreak of a civil war is a great way to shut down a tourist destination.) Photographer Dietmar Eckell has spent the past several years visiting the hotels and resorts that got left behind. Read More >>

Watch That Wi-Fi: Hackers Use Hotel Internet to Steal Nuclear Secrets

Security researchers recently identified an elite team of possibly state-sponsored hackers that infiltrate hotel Wi-Fi networks to gain access to the computers of high-level executives and leaders, probably to steal nuclear secrets. They're calling this band of cyber-spies DarkHotel. Read More >>

Starwood Hotels is Making Room Keys Obsolete Worldwide

On the heels of similar—but yet unrealised—plans from Hilton, Starwood is introducing a new app-powered, keyless entry program. In other words, your smartphone is now your key. Read More >>

Flagship Premier Inn Opens App Bookings for New Tech-Filled Hub Hotels

The Covent Garden branch of Premier Inn has been kitted out with all the modern things needed to coordinate an entirely app-based booking system, with Android and OS apps now ready to check availability and make reservations. Read More >>

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Tip This Robo-Bellboy in Tweets for Delivering Your Room Service

Put that cash tip away, the future is already upon us. Aloft Hotels, a swanky hotel in Silicon Valley is about to debut the world's first robotic bellboy, a speedy automaton built to fulfil your every wish, or at least bring you a midnight snack. Read More >>

This Floating Glass Hotel Will Let You See Northern Lights in Luxury

If you dream of watching the Northern Lights in decadent style, then you should wait until 2017. That's when this wonderful, floating, snowflake-shaped hotel will be ready in the icy reaches of northern Norway. Read More >>