Handheld Heaven: Why Nintendo Needs to Leave the Candy Crush Clones Alone (But Won’t)

We really like our gaming at Giz UK, even though we’re not very good, so decided to start a series where we have a relaxed natter about what we’ve been playing and the main gaming stories that have grabbed us each week. Think of it as a slow-burn conversation with a hip flask round a campfire rather than shots of pure gaming zeitgeist – we, like many of you, play at our own place. Read More >>

Hotline Miami Developer Gives Pirate Users Helpful Tech Support

Rather than rage against the wrongs of the system, start issuing legal threats and getting very, very angry on Twitter about people sharing his game on The Pirate Bay, one of the Hotline Miami developers instead registered an account to help those who couldn't get the pirated code to run. Read More >>