Why You Should Never Name Your Hotspot ‘Mobile Detonation Device’ When Flying

Go on, have a wild guess. A wise-arse who’s probably feeling pretty proud of themselves right now caused pandemonium over the weekend when a fellow passenger on the Qantas flight from Melbourne to Perth stumbled upon their Wi-Fi hotspot, which had a rather striking name. Read More >>

This Little Mi-Fi Can Get You Online Anywhere in the World

Look at this little guy. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but powerful enough to enable you to make phone calls, text, and use data virtually anywhere in the world. Even on the peaks of remote mountains or in the middle of uninhabited deserts, thanks to the magic of satellites. Read More >>

Blazing 4G
EE Quietly Bumps Its 4G Mobile Broadband Plans By 3GB

If you can't stomach the thought of forking out for a 4G phone, then a portable hotspot or dongle is the next best thing, even with restrictive data caps. Now EE's given you a bit more data to play with, boosting the top cap from 5GB to 8GB. Still not plentiful, but better than nothing. Read More >>

You’ll Soon Be Able to Wi-Fi Tether Your Nokia Lumia

Good news Lumia owners -- you’ll soon be able to tether your Lumia 800 or 710 for a bit of mobile broadband on-the-go, if the networks don’t crush it of course. Nokia’s announced that it’s bringing the personal hotspot capability that’s baked into most smartphones these days as an update to its current line, while its new Lumia 900 flagship will launch with it. Read More >>