House Of Lords Investigating AI Ethics

People are stupid and machines are clever, so as soon as someone suggests letting a machine sniff around your personal data you know there's trouble brewing. This is something that the House of Lords seems to understand too, because it's ordered a select committee on artificial intelligence to look into how data is used. Read More >>

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You Can Now Tour The Houses Of Parliament From Your Sofa

If you've always fancied having a leisurely look around the corridors of power without having to change out of your pyjamas or, you know, move, you'll love parliament's new innovation. Read More >>

Spoilt House of Lords Peers Complain Over Massively-Subsidised Haute Cuisine

What did you have for lunch? A Greggs steak bake? A Tesco meal deal? A home-made tinfoil-wrapped tuna sandwich? Yum. Spare a thought then for the House of Lords peers who have to suffer heavily-subsidised foie gras and champagne risotto at their own private restaurant. Read More >>

London Cyclists “Long” to be Run Down, Says Tory Peer

A Conservative peer of the House of Lords has sparked controversy by claiming that cyclists that wear helmet cameras to record their journey are "longing" to be knocked over by motorisits. Because every GoPro sold has a picture of a smiling, mowed down cyclist on the box, right? Read More >>