Young People Have No Hope Of Owning A Home, Report Confirms

You smashed it at university, got a great degree - with the unfortunate side of debt they serve it with - and now you're in a good job that pays decent money. In the old days that would see you on the housing ladder in no time. Not any more though, because there aren't enough houses, the ones that exist are massively overpriced, and London's flats are acquired as investments and left empty. Read More >>

A Derelict House Hidden by an Overgrown Tree Just Sold for Over Half a Million

There's a running joke about the London housing market, where a cupboard under the stairs would cost you over £500 a month in rent plus bills. I say joke. I actually mean sad depressing reality, because those types of listing do exist. Hell even a derelict house will cost more than half a million pounds. That's not hyperbole either, that actually happened yesterday afternoon. Read More >>

Mum & Dad are Bankrolling House Purchases for the Kids

People with rich parents win again at life when it comes to buying homes, it seems, as research suggests that 26 per cent of all home purchases in the UK are done with some deposit money coming in from mum and dad. Read More >>

London Mayor Subsidises Featureless Box Homes

London's mayor has come up with a great idea to make housing in London more affordable -- build worse houses. Literally make something resembling a shipping container then put people in it to cry alone while living the dream that is owning a home in thrilling London, is the idea. Read More >>

Cardiff Might Have a Nice Bit Soon

Welsh planners have approved a massive enhancement of the fringes of Cardiff, with a plan to build nearly 6,000 new homes given the go-ahead. Read More >>

‘Only Fools and Horses’ Houses Now Selling for Millions

Businesses piling money into the estate used as the backdrop for BBC classic Only Fools and Horses are cashing in on the show's legacy, with the lucky new developer managing to offload a flat next door to the fictional Nelson Mandela House for a staggering £1.1m. Read More >>

Check Out the Floor Plans for the Homes of Popular TV Programmes

If you watch a TV programme long enough, the home becomes a character in itself. You start remembering the little details of each room, what scenes happened where, and start feeling like their home is just an extension of your house. Yeah, I remember the pool in Breaking Bad and definitely the dining table. Of course, I’ve been to Arrested Development's model home and done morphine at Mr Robot’s apartment. Here’s a collection of floor plans from popular TV shows like those. You’ll feel right at... home. [Homes] Read More >>

The Average UK House Brick is Worth £47.44

Some statisticians have taken the cost of a house and divided it by the number of bricks it contains, as if that means something. They say the average UK brick, when part of a house, is now worth £47.44. That's one third more than it was worth in 2006. Read More >>

Do You Live in One of the UK’s Ten Most Expensive Streets?

No offence, but probably not, eh? According to house buying/selling portal Zoopla, the ten most expensive streets to buy houses on are all in London, as you might expect, with the tip of the iceberg being in Kensington Palace Gardens -- where the average house price is an insane £38.26m. Read More >>

Luxury Huddersfield Hobbit House Up for Sale

A man's extraordinarily detailed Hobbit-style house is now up for sale, and you don't have to get a visa for New Zealand to take a look around it. It's in the Upper Holme Valley just south of Huddersfield, known more for its rolling meadows than mountains and monsters. Read More >>

Get Out! The Amityville Horror House Is Back On the Market

The Conjuring 2, which comes out this week, opens with a scene set inside the Amityville Horror house—and, as it happens, the iconic Long Island home has just gone back on the market. A mass murder, a fake haunting, a best-seller, a hit movie series, eternal pop-culture infamy, and a boat house—108 Ocean Avenue has it all. Read More >>

Barclays Brings Back 100 Per Cent Mortgages, But Mum and Dad Need to Agree

Barclays Bank is once again offering the dread 100 per cent mortgage, the dangerous generator of negative equity that trapped people in modern new builds during the banking crash of 2008. The clever thing about this one, though, is that it wants the parents of the applicants to whack some money in too, as sort of generational guilt relieving deposit. Read More >>

Even London’s Gas Tanks are Being Turned into Posh Flats

The King’s Cross Central redevelopment area will soon have another array of flats within it for the rich set to keep as standby crash pads should a meeting overrun and they miss their flights back to Dubai, with a developer turning several old Victorian gasholders into your standard glass-fronted flats that no one normal can afford. Read More >>

London Affordable Housing Map Shows Where Ordinary People Can’t Live

That expanse of emptiness up there is how the tube map looks when it's sorted by affordability of housing, with the data populated by housing charity Shelter showing that the only winners in London's housing market are people who bought homes in the 1980s and the rail companies that ferry workers in from ever increasing distances away. Read More >>

London Gentrification Debate Tickets Priced at £20 a Head

A 90-minute presentation on whether or not London is in its death throes as a major force in globalisation and the arts is scheduled for May, with the event looking at whether the property price boom within the city is... killing it off. Read More >>