Dad Never Getting the Wi-Fi to Himself as Children Live With Parents for Longer

Old people aren't getting everything entirely their way these days, as they're suffering the pain of having adult children who won't move out and give them a peaceful life and full control of the TV. Serves them right for buying all the nice houses in the 1980s. Read More >>

There is a House You Young People Can Afford

...and it is on the market for just £1. Even you lot with your expensive coffee habits and exhorbitant mobile phone contract loans ought to be able to save up enough to cover the 40p deposit on it. Read More >>

A Devon Couple is Selling Their House, But Only to Someone From a Specific Part of East London

I look at houses online every now and again, just to see the extortionate prices some of the places round me are going for. So hearing about a six bedroom townhouse on the market for £250,000 sounds like an absolute bargain, even if it is in Devon and a bit remote for my life. Sadly the couple selling it are very specific, and will only sell the place to someone from Ilford in East London. Read More >>

£160,000 Flat in London is Just as Destitute as You’d Expect

Living in London is not cheap. Those lucky enough to afford to buy their own houses and avoid paying rent still have to pay extortionate amounts of money for pretty much everything. Sometimes, though, there are rare occasions where something relatively affordable hits the market. The downside is that the one I'm talking about is just as destitute as you might expect. Read More >>

The House From ‘Spaced’ is For Sale, Gentrified, and £4,000,000

There's bad news for Mike, we're afraid, as he almost certainly won't be allowed in the house that was used as the backdrop for landmark Channel 4 sitcom Spaced any more, for fear he'd get snack crumbs on the expensive rugs or unduly move furniture from its optimal photogenic position and scratch the newly painted floorboards. Read More >>

Lucky Millennials Will Never Know the Stress of Being Responsible for a Boiler

A group of thinkers have had a good think about the problems faced by the generation of citizens known as millennials, and the prognosis isn't good. They've come to the conclusion that one third of all young-ish people bracketed as millennials will never be able to afford or buy their own home, and will be renting in to their retirements. Read More >>

House Factory to Churn Out 850 Homes for New London Mini City

A consortium of housebuilders is preparing to gentrify another bit of formerly industrious London, with the 62 acre Docklands site of Silvertown set to benefit from a £3.5bn investment that starts with 850 houses being assembled in an on-site factory. Read More >>

Lego Artist Will Model Your House for £300 Studio Donation

A Lego artist who's hit the news for his huge creations more than once has turned to crowdfunding to realise his dream of having a bespoke Lego building studio, and if you fancy splashing out big time you can have him build a model of your own home. Read More >>

London Planners Urge Return to Prefab Housing

The London Assembly planning committee has told the mayor he needs to embrace prefabricated housing -- or offsite manufactured homes to give them their rebranded modern name -- in order to meet the city's future housing demands. Read More >>

Oxford’s Shark Roof House is up for Rent

A house is up for rent in Oxford. No, this isn't the slowest news day in history, it's quite an interesting house. It's the one you've probably seen before with a model of a shark poking out of its roof. Our sensible dad ways mean we can only worry this might lead to leaks, noise in high winds, and could attract students to the vicinity of the property. Read More >>

Young People Have No Hope Of Owning A Home, Report Confirms

You smashed it at university, got a great degree - with the unfortunate side of debt they serve it with - and now you're in a good job that pays decent money. In the old days that would see you on the housing ladder in no time. Not any more though, because there aren't enough houses, the ones that exist are massively overpriced, and London's flats are acquired as investments and left empty. Read More >>

A Derelict House Hidden by an Overgrown Tree Just Sold for Over Half a Million

There's a running joke about the London housing market, where a cupboard under the stairs would cost you over £500 a month in rent plus bills. I say joke. I actually mean sad depressing reality, because those types of listing do exist. Hell even a derelict house will cost more than half a million pounds. That's not hyperbole either, that actually happened yesterday afternoon. Read More >>

Mum & Dad are Bankrolling House Purchases for the Kids

People with rich parents win again at life when it comes to buying homes, it seems, as research suggests that 26 per cent of all home purchases in the UK are done with some deposit money coming in from mum and dad. Read More >>

London Mayor Subsidises Featureless Box Homes

London's mayor has come up with a great idea to make housing in London more affordable -- build worse houses. Literally make something resembling a shipping container then put people in it to cry alone while living the dream that is owning a home in thrilling London, is the idea. Read More >>

Cardiff Might Have a Nice Bit Soon

Welsh planners have approved a massive enhancement of the fringes of Cardiff, with a plan to build nearly 6,000 new homes given the go-ahead. Read More >>