housing crisis
The Government Actually Did Something Good for Renters

In a surprise move from a government full of landlords, the tories have announced it's planning to end so-called "no fault evictions," whereby landlords kick people out essentially because they feel like it. Read More >>

housing crisis
SpareRoom Invites Actual Pets To Think Tank About Renting With Animals

Renting with pets is a big issue at the moment. First we had Cats Protection's excellent Purrfect Landlords campaign, then came Battersea's Pet Friendly Properties, and now we have renting website SpareRoom's pet think tank. Read More >>

housing crisis
New Charity Campaign Asks Landlords To Let People Have Cats, FFS

A new campaign from Cats Protection is asking the landlords of the UK to consider allowing their tenants to have just a tiny bit of joy in their lives. Read More >>

Stingy London Landlord Forces Renter to Pay Electricity in Old Pound Coins

Renting in the capital seems to get worse every day, and the latest tale of landlord-related woe has given us the kind of blinding but impotent rage that Change.org petitions depend on. Read More >>

TfL is Working on Tiny, Affordable Homes in London

Transport for London has announced a partnership with 'starter homes for city makers' company Pocket Living, in order to create a swathe of "100% genuinely affordable homes" in London. Read More >>

housing crisis
Landlord Offers A Year’s Free Rent For Social Media Idea

A London landlord company is offering a social media whiz the chance to win a year's free rent in return for a clever campaign idea. Read More >>

Why Do People Keep Trying To Hipsterfy Launderettes?

News from San Francisco: there's a new hipster café opening in the Mission district, and it's based in a launderette. An actual working one, so you can go in and dry your duvet while having an artisan coffee. For some reason. Read More >>

housing crisis
£900/m London ‘Studio Flat’ Is Literally Just A Hallway

Every time we think renting can't get any worse, London goes and proves us wrong. Read More >>

housing crisis
Fascinating New Map Shows UK House Prices By The Square Metre

A new map by dataviz whiz Anna Powell-Smith shows, for the first time, house prices in England and Wales by the square metre. Read More >>

housing crisis
Ever Wanted To Check On The Sprouts From The Shower? You’re In Luck

Everyone knows the rental market in London is bonkers, but it does somehow keep surprising us. Read More >>

housing crisis
Tiny Violins Please: Some House Buyers Sleep On A Mattress On The Floor

Tissues at the ready, please, for the news that people who've just bought a house sometimes have to wait a bit before they can also buy furniture. Read More >>

housing crisis
Rents Might Have Gone Down A Bit For The First Time In Effing Ages

For the first time since 2010, the average rent for a new tenancy has apparently fallen by 0.6% to a positively bargainous £921 a month, according to estate agents Countrywide. We're all saved. Read More >>

Only Three US Cities Have Good Jobs, Affordable Housing, and High Quality of Life

When looking for a place to live, people are generally looking for three things: affordability, a strong economy, and good quality of life. For most Americans that poses a dilemma because a clear majority of US cities can only claim excellence in one of these areas. A dozen cities specialise in two. But for those who truly want it all, there are three choices. And they’re all in the Midwest. Read More >>

Would You Pay £345 a Week to Live in This Glorified Hostel?

The housing crisis is edging an entire generation out of the most expensive cities on the planet. But what if you could still live in those cities, moving between them like a digital-age vagabond, sharing well-appointed apartments for short stints with likeminded globetrotters? That’s the promise of a new co-living startup called Roam. Read More >>