London Airbnb Host Evicted for Renting Out Council Flat

A "cosy studio apartment" in London Victoria has been removed from Airbnb, after a Westminster council investigation found that it was an illegal sublet of a man's social housing home. And he'd been running it as a holiday let since 2013. Read More >>

Database of Shitty Landlords Might Be Open to Tenants at Some Point

In a move that is long overdue - and still not set in stone - tenants could get access to the Rogue Landlords Database, which is basically a list of shitty landlords you'll want to avoid. Read More >>

London Richos Fall Out of Love With £1m Homes

More people than ever are somehow getting it together enough to buy houses valued at more than £1m, apart from in London, where the fact that you can barely get a reasonable flat with more than two windows is presumably putting a dampener on laying down the big money for a home. Read More >>

Lego Collector Proves Everyone Wrong

A man who spent his younger years collecting Lego and keeping it all in boxes didn't end up massively regretting his life choices in the slightest, with Australian Josh Mangleson eventually selling his pristine collection to raise enough money to put down a deposit on a real house made from grown-up bricks. Read More >>

Ikea Wins Permission to Build 162 Flats on the South Coast

Ikea and partner Skanska have won approval to build 162 new flats in Worthing, with the local council granting permission for the pair's BoKlok joint venture to go ahead and unpack the massive cardboard boxes and begin construction. Read More >>

John Lewis Will Build Your Poshbox Kitchen Extension as Well as Sell the Taps

Retailer John Lewis is getting into home refurbs and the loft conversion scene, if there are any unconverted lofts left in the country, and is about to launch a full planning and building service for its enthusiast customers, who will soon be able to have their lofts converted and their kitchens extended and renewed through a one-stop renovation option. Read More >>

Airbnb Will Help New York City Track Down Illegal Rentals, and Other Cities Could Be Next

Airbnb and New York City have a long and contentious history. On the one hand, Airbnb wants everything to be hunky dory in its biggest market. On the other, New York City’s stringent short-term rental laws effectively make many Airbnb rentals illegal in the city. New Yorkers are also caught up in the mix – affordable housing is hard enough to find as it is and some residents are unhappy with the revolving door of strangers coming in and out of apartments. Read More >>

Dad Never Getting the Wi-Fi to Himself as Children Live With Parents for Longer

Old people aren't getting everything entirely their way these days, as they're suffering the pain of having adult children who won't move out and give them a peaceful life and full control of the TV. Serves them right for buying all the nice houses in the 1980s. Read More >>

The Ban on Tenant Fees Will Come Into Effect on 1st June

It feels like it's been forever since the government announced that it was going to put an end to all the extra fees being charged by landlords and letting agents that somehow, miraculously, make the prospect of renting even more depressing. The wheels of government turn about as slowly as a snail in a hamster wheel, but at long last we have a date. Say goodbye to those fees from 1st June. Read More >>

There is a House You Young People Can Afford

...and it is on the market for just £1. Even you lot with your expensive coffee habits and exhorbitant mobile phone contract loans ought to be able to save up enough to cover the 40p deposit on it. Read More >>

TfL is Working on Tiny, Affordable Homes in London

Transport for London has announced a partnership with 'starter homes for city makers' company Pocket Living, in order to create a swathe of "100% genuinely affordable homes" in London. Read More >>

A Devon Couple is Selling Their House, But Only to Someone From a Specific Part of East London

I look at houses online every now and again, just to see the extortionate prices some of the places round me are going for. So hearing about a six bedroom townhouse on the market for £250,000 sounds like an absolute bargain, even if it is in Devon and a bit remote for my life. Sadly the couple selling it are very specific, and will only sell the place to someone from Ilford in East London. Read More >>

Welsh Apocalypse Survival Island Fort Yours for Just £400,000

A building known as Stack Rock Fort is on the market, and that name's not overselling it. It's a proper fort, from the 1850s, built on a rock in the sea that the seller is generously describing as an island. It's a small, rocky island, with a substantial amount of sea view. Read More >>

The House From ‘Spaced’ is For Sale, Gentrified, and £4,000,000

There's bad news for Mike, we're afraid, as he almost certainly won't be allowed in the house that was used as the backdrop for landmark Channel 4 sitcom Spaced any more, for fear he'd get snack crumbs on the expensive rugs or unduly move furniture from its optimal photogenic position and scratch the newly painted floorboards. Read More >>

Lucky Millennials Will Never Know the Stress of Being Responsible for a Boiler

A group of thinkers have had a good think about the problems faced by the generation of citizens known as millennials, and the prognosis isn't good. They've come to the conclusion that one third of all young-ish people bracketed as millennials will never be able to afford or buy their own home, and will be renting in to their retirements. Read More >>