House Prices Enjoy/Suffer Worst/Best Drop in 11 Years

Something either very good or very bad has happened to the UK's house price index, with the thumb up or thumb down status of the news depending on if you own a house or not. If you don't, it's party time. Read More >>

Norfolk Nuclear Bunker For Sale at Just £29,995

A man is selling his personal nuclear bunker on eBay, as he's had another child and you can't really house a family of four in an underground bolthole or they get angry about lack of light, internet and so on. Read More >>

House Viewings to Restart in England From Today

A little bit of normal, business-as-usual life has restarted in England today, as our beloved fleet of estate agents are free to start enthusing about the potential of small areas of concreted-over patio and the amount of light the vent brick in the bathroom lets in thanks to the officially-approved reopening of house sales, lettings and viewings. Read More >>

Council Tax Reform is Needed to Mirror North/South Property Divide

The independent thinkers at the Institute for Fiscal Studies have taken aim at council tax in its latest update on what it thinks we should all do when/if we stop fighting over the last four-pack of Soft Soothe Super Quilted Scented Six-Ply, and suggests that a reform – or at least a nationwide reevaluation of property values – is needed to address the north/south house price divide that's mushroomed in the decades since the tax was introduced. Read More >>

English Councils Should Regulate Airbnb, says MP

Green Party MP Caroline Lucas says England's local councils need new powers to be able to regulate Airbnb and other short-term letting services, because they're making the housing situation "intolerable." Read More >>

Inaccessible Upstairs Room Sells for £1

Someone has bought a flat between a couple of shops in the town of Wisbech, which isn't usually such unusual a turn of events to warrant inclusion on a so-called technology news site – but what sets this purchase apart is that gaining access to it via traditional methods is... impossible. Read More >>

Toilet in Shower Drives Council Inspectors to Declare War on Landlords

Oxford City Council has released a batch of photos of some of the worst housing conditions its inspectors have found in the city's rented stock, and the crimes are so great it's now pushing for all rental homes to be added to a register for better monitoring. Read More >>

Londoners Bail Out to Cheaper Climes Younger Than Ever

Londoners are growing tired of the cost of renting what used to be a garage, a hallway or an insulation cavity sooner than ever, with the average age of those leaving the capital to buy a home anywhere else falling to new lows. Read More >>

Scotland’s Getting an Entire New Village With 3,000 Homes

A complete, brand new village containing 3,042 houses is about to assemble itself on a virgin site in Scotland, thanks to developer Springfield winning planning permission for what it believes is Scotland's largest ever single plan for a thing to build. Read More >>

Brighton Landlord Takes the Absolute Piss With a One Bed Flat That Has a Loo Next to the Bed

Renting sucks. Trawling through overpriced flats is a nightmare as it is, but paying through the nose to take a shit next to the bed is on another level entirely. Read More >>

Government Suggests 20 Per Cent Discount on New Builds for Locals

The posho junta currently in charge of the UK is thinking of ways to enliven the housing market so that the buildings are not all owned by old people, and has suggested a scheme where new build developments may be obliged to sell a proportion of their homes to locals at a discount of perhaps as much as 20 per cent. Read More >>

London Airbnb Host Evicted for Renting Out Council Flat

A "cosy studio apartment" in London Victoria has been removed from Airbnb, after a Westminster council investigation found that it was an illegal sublet of a man's social housing home. And he'd been running it as a holiday let since 2013. Read More >>

Database of Shitty Landlords Might Be Open to Tenants at Some Point

In a move that is long overdue - and still not set in stone - tenants could get access to the Rogue Landlords Database, which is basically a list of shitty landlords you'll want to avoid. Read More >>

London Richos Fall Out of Love With £1m Homes

More people than ever are somehow getting it together enough to buy houses valued at more than £1m, apart from in London, where the fact that you can barely get a reasonable flat with more than two windows is presumably putting a dampener on laying down the big money for a home. Read More >>

Lego Collector Proves Everyone Wrong

A man who spent his younger years collecting Lego and keeping it all in boxes didn't end up massively regretting his life choices in the slightest, with Australian Josh Mangleson eventually selling his pristine collection to raise enough money to put down a deposit on a real house made from grown-up bricks. Read More >>