This Fish Has Evolved to Thrive in Intensely Polluted Water

A small fish somehow evolved resistance to the heavily polluted water of the Houston Ship Channel by mysteriously acquiring genes from another fish from thousands of miles away, according to a new paper. Read More >>

hurricane harvey
Hurricane Harvey Drone Footage is Absolutely Heartbreaking

We’ve all seen plenty of heartbreaking images from Texas this weekend, as vicious floods continue to destroy lives and property in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. But some of the most chilling footage has been taken from the sky, as hobby drones in the region document the devastation that’s still taking place. Read More >>

Preschoolers Hospitalised After School Science Experiment Goes Wrong

Twelve students at a Houston preschool were injured on Tuesday when a class science experiment didn’t go as planned. Most reportedly had minor burns but seven of the students had to be rushed to a local hospital. Read More >>

Texas Man Buys Dam Online To Protect Home From Flooding, And It Worked

As thousands were evacuated across multiple counties in Texas due to horrible flooding, one man and his family are living high and dry thanks to something he bought on the internet. Read More >>

Hospital Live Blogs Actual Brain Surgery (and You Can Watch Video Live Right Now, Too)

There are some things that shouldn't be live blogged -- deathly-dull financials from a sewage treatment company; live births, and, err, maybe brain surgery? Seems a hospital in Houston thinks that live blogging an operation on some poor chap's brain is the right thing to do, and hell, it's got me intrigued, if a little bit weirded out. It's posting videos (like the hideous one where they're drilling into the guys head above), photos and text updates live on its Twitter feed: "Stand by… first incision". Read More >>