French Inventor Hoverboards Across the English Channel, Manages Not to Crash This Time

We all know that age-old adage: if you don’t succeed, try, try again. Sometimes you’ve just got to pick yourself up by your bootstraps, get back on your hoverboard, and give crossing that English Channel another go. Read More >>

Judge Says Amazon Not Liable for Selling Exploding Hoverboards

A judge in Tennessee this week found that Amazon isn’t liable for the millions of dollars in damages caused by an exploding hoverboard that was sold through the company’s website. Read More >>

Crashing Into Boiling Water and Other Ways Hoverboards Send Thousands of Kids to Hospital Each Year

When it comes to hoverboard injuries, it’s tempting to think a good portion of them are severe burns caused by those overheating battery packs. New research shows this is very much not the case, and that each year around 13,500 kids are treated in US hospital emergency rooms after falling from their hoverboards. That amounts to about 40 A&E visits each day. Read More >>

The Motorised Longboard Is the Vape of Transport and I Love It

Electric personal transporters are mostly horrible. Segways are for people who are really just the worst. Hoverboards, which also explode, are just fodder for You've Been Framed. Everyone I’ve ever seen riding one of those electric unicycles has nearly caused a car accident. These machines are strange status symbols of lazy Western excess. Read More >>

A £24,000 Coffee Table That Floats Like a Hoverboard

If it’s not made of gold, furniture recovered from the Titanic, or extraterrestrial materials salvaged from a meteor, you’ll need one heck of a gimmick to convince people to spend £24,000 on a coffee table. And that’s probably why Siren Design Studios made its Teles Taxídi table float like a hoverboard. Read More >>

Is This Fast Electric Scooter Impossibly Awesome or Totally Lame?

What do you do when you leave your successful battery case startup? If you’re Daniel Huang, the guy that co-founded Mophie, you make ugly electric scooters. Read More >>

Hoverboard Shop Catches Fire

Other than being the “transportation of the future,” hoverboards’ most notable feature is their propensity for bursting into flames spontaneously. That’s great if you’re a pyro, and less great if you like avoiding third-degree burns. Now, a brick-and-mortar purveyor of these flame-prone scooties has succumb to what most would assume was inevitable: it caught fire. Read More >>

This Segway Scooter is What the Hoverboard Should Have Been

Remember that hoverboard craze? The fun toys that were mostly manufactured in China were a huge pop cultural phenomenon. That is until they started exploding and catching on fire, due to really terrible quality control of their poorly manufactured batteries. So the hoverboards were banned pretty much everywhere. Planes, trains, coffee shops, you name it, the hoverboard was banned. “Don’t bring your exploding human transportation device anywhere near my artisanal coffee shop,” a store owner might say. Read More >>

Now This is a Genuine Hoverboard

You’ve probably seen Franky Zapata’s water-powered Flyboards available to ride at fancy resorts. But his newest creation takes riders far above the surface of the water. Forget those two-wheeled death traps and the utterly disappointing Hendo, this is the closest thing we now have to a working hoverboard. Read More >>

Man Tries to Escape Police On His Hoverboard, Fails

Hoverboards are useful little tools if you want to roll closer to God or start a large fire. Increasingly though, they’re being used as getaway vehicles for criminals, which happened again this past weekend in Florida. Read More >>

US Officially Bans Hoverboard Imports

Today the US International Trade Commission issued an order banning virtually all imports of hoverboards into the United States. But this time it has nothing to do with safety. Read More >>

The New and Improved Hendo Hoverboard Looks Fun as Hell

I’m a hoverboard sceptic. I don’t think that we’re going to see a “true” hoverboard that can work on any surface anytime soon. With that being said, the new and improved Hendo Hoverboard, made by Arx Pax, looks pretty damn fun. Read More >>

Hoverboarding Gunman Shoots Driver, Hovers Away

An alleged gunman in Texas pulled up to a car on his hoverboard, shot the driver, and made off on his two-wheeled scooter. This ain’t no Griff Tannen shenanigans. Read More >>