A Hovercraft That Isn’t Afraid of Giant Waves

In order to float across land and water, the giant air-trapping skirt around the base of a hovercraft needs to keep a tight seal at all times. Were it to tackle giant waves, it would get tossed about just like a boat, but unlike a boat it would tend to sink—because that cushion of air would be gone. But an improved design means this hovercraft isn't afraid of rough seas. Read More >>

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Iran’s “New” Hovercraft May or May Not Have Been Built in the 1970s

Coinciding with the start of its massive Velayat 4 air-defence manoeuvres and amid rising tensions over its nuclear program, Iranian Defence Minister Ahmad Vahidi unveiled Iran's newest weapon on Monday — a recon drone-launching, missile-firing, all-terrain-travelling hovercraft. One that looks suspiciously just like the ones they bought from the UK decades ago. Read More >>