It’s Been a While Since a HP Laptop Felt This Competitive

You used to know a cheap HP laptop just by glancing at it. There’d be a lot of plastic painted to look like metal, and it’d probably be too thick. But the new HP Envy 13 is a shockingly good deal of a laptop. It looks good, it’s fast, and boy is it cheap. But as with many devices that seem too good to be true for the price, there are some compromises. Read More >>

It Is Kind of Shocking Who is Doing Some of the Most Interesting Stuff in Laptops Right Now

There are things I associate HP with: printers, instant ink, and inexpensive enterprise computers. Oh, and very interesting laptop design. I know, it’s weird. Read More >>

HP’s Envy Laptops Finally Look Great

HP's Envy line of serious fun laptops (as opposed to serious business, bleh!) have always been a bit on the tacky side. I hate to say it, but they looked like expensive toys. Now they're grown up, in and out. Read More >>