Well Shit, Some HP Laptops Came With a Keylogger Pre-Installed

Laptops coming with bloatware is a huge pain in the arse as it is, but matters get a thousand times worse when that bloat compromises security. It happened to Lenovo more than once, and now it's happened to HP. Read More >>

Everyone Exaggerates Laptop Battery Life Except Apple

A new study from Which? shows what we've all long suspected: many manufacturers hugely overstate how long their laptop batteries last. Read More >>

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HP’s New Network Security Video Stars Mr Robot

HP's slick new video series — promoting network printer security, of all things, and by proxy selling its own network printers — stars Christian Slater as the Wolf, a hacker taking down big businesses while dressed to impress. Read More >>

HP Made a Laptop I Actually Want to Use

After spending some time with HP’s redesigned 15-inch Spectre X360, it seems to me the company’s recipe for clawing its way back into the hearts of the people should have been obvious all along: lots of power and features in an attractive package for less money than the competition. Duh. Read More >>

IBM Remains Spineless as 31 More Companies Oppose Trump’s Muslim Ban

The list of companies opposing President Trump’s discriminatory Muslim travel ban has grown. Late yesterday, 31 companies added their names to an amicus brief opposing the ban, claiming that it hurts business. The total is now 127 companies, but there’s still one high profile tech company that hasn’t grown a backbone: IBM. Read More >>

HP Recalls Thousands More Batteries in Today’s Lithium/Fire Shocker

HP has added around 100,000 more batteries to its potential danger recall list, and is telling people who bought its laptops between 2013 and 2016 to check serial numbers again and send back any potentially deadly units. Read More >>

HP Apologises for Breaking People’s Printers on Purpose

HP is apologising for deliberately pushing a software update to customer’s printers that would prevent them from working with non-HP ink. Read More >>

HP Deliberately Cripples Printers by Activating Third-Party Ink Cartridge Block

A really quite awful act of self-destructive terrorism against its own users has been carried out by previously benign hardware supplier Hewlett-Packard, which has switched on a dormant feature inside some of its printer ranges and effectively crippled some machines by stopping them using unofficial ink cartridges. Read More >>

The £250 HacBook Elite is an Upgradeable MacBook/Lawsuit Waiting to Happen

Behold, the HacBook Elite, a new machine that’s unlikely to be around for long. If you hadn’t guessed already, it’s essentially a MacBook that has absolutely nothing to do with Apple. Read More >>

HP Put a PC Into a 360-Degree Speaker

The days of the traditional box-y desktop are numbered. Apple’s Mac Pro and Cyberpower’s Fang Trinity proved that desktops could come in strange shapes. Now HP is grabbing a piece of the new funky shaped pie with the HP Pavilion Wave and Elite Slice. Read More >>

HP’s New Sure View Screens Make it Easier to Watch Porn in Public

You’ve spent hours hunched over your laptop in your local independent coffee shop, struggling through that pesky first page of your breakthrough novel. Is it really too early to kill someone off? God, this is the toughest decision you've ever had to make. You need a break, you need to clear your mind, you need to stimulate your senses with some smut. Read More >>

Prop from Hellraiser, or Boxy Gaming PC?

HP is again pursuing the hardcore PC gaming enthusiasts with its new Omen X Desktop, a bonkers black and red cube of ultimate gaming potential that, yes, really is supposed to sit on its edge like that. To maximise ventilation. And look more interesting than the equivalent Dell. Read More >>

The Best 2-in-1s For Every Need

Remember when laptops were laptops and tablets were tablets? Well, those days are gone, replaced with acrobatic foldables, detachables, and liquid-cooled enigmas. Read More >>

HP’s Best Cheap Laptop Just Got Even Better

When you hear “Best HP Laptop,” you probably think of the impressively thin Spectre 13 or maybe one of HP’s high-end hybrids. But sometimes greatness doesn’t come with an outlandish price tag. The HP Stream, maybe the best Windows laptop you can buy for just £180, just got a much deserved upgrade. Read More >>

HP Won’t Honour Magnificent Laptop Pricing Gaffe Sales

The lucky few who managed to snag a HP laptop for less than £2 over the weekend have been left extremely disappointed, with the company choosing not to honour the sales. Read More >>