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HQ Trivia Reminds Us It Still Exists by Announcing Plans to Get Shittier

It’s about to get way, way harder to win any money playing HQ Trivia. Read More >>

Exclusive: HQ Trivia UK is Launching Two New Shows, Including the Winner-Takes-All ‘The One’

There are times when I forget HQ Trivia is a thing, having found myself bored of never winning I gave up on it months ago. But clearly it's still doing pretty well for itself, because the company has just announced two brand new quiz shows are set to launch in the UK. There's HQ Sports, which launched Stateside back in July, and a new quizzical winner-takes-all show called The One. Read More >>

HQ Trivia Will Start Rewarding People Who Play Every Day

HQ Trivia doesn't want all its players to be like me, and stop playing because the quest to actually win seems inherently futile. The questions are hard, there are always rumours of bots ruining the fun for everyone else, and frankly I can't be bothered anymore. But plenty still play daily, and HQ wants those people to stick around, so it's offering the reward of extra lives for the people play every day. Read More >>

Facebook Wants to Be Your Quiz Daddy Now

Remember HQ Trivia — that live game show you totally would have won that one time if you hadn’t gotten the easy question wrong? The app, and its “quiz daddy” US host Scott Rogowsky, seem to have inspired Facebook to try its hand at captivating viewers with live-streamed multiple choice questions, among other gimmicks. Read More >>

HQ Trivia is Upping its UK Grand Prize to £1,000 as of Today

In case you missed last night's game of HQ Trivia, the famed quiz app is making a big change starting today. No it's not a bunch of features you'll (probably) never use, instead it's upping each game's grand prize from £550 all the way up to £1,000. Read More >>

Countdown’s Rachel Riley Launches Quiz App FleetWit In The UK

Look out HQ Trivia - it appears that you have a new rival on this side of the Atlantic too as today quiz app FleetWit officially launches in the UK, with the help of TV's Rachel Riley. Read More >>

The Rock is Hosting HQ Trivia Tonight At 8.45pm UK Time, and There’s a £211,158 Prize

Just a heads-up for anyone planning on skipping tonight's installment of HQ Trivia, tonight's show is being hosted by Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson to plug his new film Rampage. Because it's a sponsored show, HQ is offering a ridiculous $300,000 (£211,158) prize money. Normally the big US shows with fabulous prizes happen way past my bed time, but tonight it's going to be at the much more reasonable 8.45pm UK time. Read More >>

World Exclusive: HQ Trivia Launches New Social ‘Friends on HQ’ Feature

HQ trivia is the latest craze that doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon, which is good for us because it gives us more chances to get through those 12 devilishly difficult questions and try to win ourselves some real-life money. Aside from the Invite feature that lets you earn extra lives for encouraging friends to sign up, HQ is still a fairly solitary experience. But no longer! Because HQ is launching new social features. Read More >>

HQ Trivia is Switching to Pounds From Tonight

If you're anything like we here at Giz UK, then for the last month or so, you've scheduled your life around HQ Trivia. Want to meet up with a friend for coffee at 3pm? Sorry, can't. HQ time. An evening out with the family? Sure, just as long as I'm home for 9pm for HQ. Read More >>

HQ Trivia Gets a Proper iPad App, Which is Basically a Bigger Version of the iPhone App

HQ Trivia is still insanely popular, with people tuning in everyday trying to win their share of real cashmoney. Most people are disappointed to find out that they're not able to win because they can't deal with trick questions or answer random bits of trivia about Watford football team's manager in the 1970s. Read More >>

HQ Trivia’s Disappeared from the App Store Amidst Controversy Over A Winner

HQ Trivia is the latest app fad, with millions of players across the world tuning into live shows to try and win themselves some real money. The app has been available in the US since late last year, and launched a UK-centric show back in January. The Giz UK staff tune in a lot, but so far none of us have managed to win. Our ignorance of obscure football facts really lets us down. Read More >>

HQ Trivia Reportedly Gets £11 Million From Investors Willing to Ignore Co-Founder’s Allegedly ‘Creepy’ Behaviour

Turns out, a company’s leadership can be accused of “creepy” and “egregious” behaviour and still rake in millions of investment dollars. Read More >>

Teen App Musical.ly May Try to Dethrone HQ Trivia

Musical.ly, the video app popular with teenagers, was acquired in November by Chinese news aggregation giant TouTiao for a whopping sum in the ballpark of $800 million (£563 million). What does TouTiao plan to do with its expensive purchase? According to a planning document provided to Gizmodo, one of Musical.ly’s initiatives under new management may be a riff on HQ Trivia, codenamed Project F. Read More >>

HQ Trivia is Now Available in the UK

Exciting news for fans of pub quizzes - now you don't even need to leave your house or see your friends to get your quizzing fix. HQ Trivia is an app which basically does what we all wanted "interactive TV" to do in the 90s: a real time quiz with you against thousands of other players, competing for real cash prizes. Read More >>

HQ Just Launched a UK Version of its Insanely Popular Trivia App

Over in the US the coolest app of them all (at the moment) is HG, a live trivia app where people compete for cash prizes. All they have to do is answer 12 questions correctly to win, though they do get fiendishly difficult the further along you get. The company has plans to expand, and one of those is the launch of a UK-centric version earlier today. Read More >>