How Did You Do on This Marvel Movie Trivia Quiz?

Everyone knows HQ, right? The live mobile game show that was ridiculously popular a few months back? Well, it’s ongoing, and Monday night the US version did a full Marvel Movie quiz to honour the late, great, Stan Lee. Twelve questions, all about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with the winners splitting $5,000. Read More >>

New Pics of Apple’s Doughnut Show Off its Inglorious Sheds and Cafes

Newly released concept renderings of Apple's gigantic bumhole of a building show us where its pampered staff may be sitting while enjoying their subsidised lunches and trying to think up uses for smartwatches, and it's all a bit more workmanlike outside than within the glorious gaping centre. Read More >>

Google Gets Approval to Build Vast King’s Cross “Groundscraper” Office Complex

Google has been granted all the permissions it needs in order to begin building its massive new London centre, with Camden borough council rubber-stamping the final set of paperwork and giving Google's grand design the final go-ahead. Read More >>

Google’s New £650m London Headquarters is a Lying Down Shard

Google's about to invest a staggering amount of money in building a new UK head office, with the company applying to create an enormous, 11-storey HQ in the renovated King's Cross area of London. And at 330 metres in length, it's about the same size as the Shard. But lying down. Read More >>

Sony Selling Its NYC HQ for $1.1 billion

Sony has announced plans to sell its New York HQ for $1.1 billion —but it will continue to rent and use the space. Read More >>

Nokia’s Sold Its HQ (But It’s Not Moving Out)

To try and make up for the fact that it's struggling financially, Nokia has sold it HQ building in Espoo, Finland. But it's not moving it out. Read More >>