HP’s Revamped VR Backpack Delivers the Closest Thing to True VR Freedom Yet

Does a VR headset still qualify as a standalone device if the computer powering the headset is strapped to your back rather than built into the goggles? I don’t know, and I’m not sure how much that distinction really matters, because while Oculus is out there trying to make VR go mainstream with gadgets like the Oculus Quest, HP’s revamped VR Backpack is expanding the boundaries of high-res virtual experiences. Read More >>

Latest Disgraced Tech CEO Worked at a Damn HR Company

Kris Duggan looms large in Silicon Valley, serving as an adjunct professor at the Ray Kurzweil-founded Singularity University, and according to his Crunchbase profile, holds advisory positions with nine different companies including the secretive Palantir Technologies. Duggan is best known for co-founding BetterWorks in 2013, which has since sopped up a generous $35 million in venture capital funding from, amongst others, Kleiner-Perkins. And like an increasing number of rich, powerful executives, Duggan is now stepping down as CEO of his company after being accused of inappropriate workplace conduct by a female employee—the bitter irony being that BetterWorks makes software for—wait for it—Human Resources. Read More >>

Cornwall Council Furious Over BT’s £260m IT System Failures

BT's just been lambasted by the Cornish, with Cornwall Council officers claiming they've had two years of IT hell since handing BT a £260m contract to handle their computer and human resources needs. Read More >>

Fitbit Charge HR Review: This is the One You Want

Fitbit is such a tease. In October, the company announced three new fitness trackers just in time for the holiday gift-giving season—but decided not to ship two of them till 2015. Well, having now spent time with the Charge, Charge HR, and Surge, we believe the Charge HR is the one you want. Read More >>

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Aviva’s Mass-Mail Blunder Shows Us Why You Shouldn’t Fire People By Email

Imagine being the blithering idiot who writes up a “you’re fired” email and then hits the send-to-everyone button. I cringe just at the thought, but that’s exactly what an HR person at Aviva managed to do, telling over 1,300 employees – Aviva’s entire investment global workforce -- to pack up and get the hell out. Read More >>