45,000 Dead People Rehoused to Make Room for HS2

Archaeologists are starting a grim job on the future site of the expanded HS2 terminal at London Euston station, as before any flash new buildings go up some dirty olden days work needs to be done. Project bosses anticipate that around 45,000 skeletons from a historical burial site must be removed, as you can't leave them there and end up with a haunted terminus. Read More >>

HS2 Reveals Designs for Birmingham’s Rebuilt Curzon Street

The remnants of Birmingham's once mighty Curzon Street station are being reconnected to the nation by HS2, and the rail planners and their architects have revealed what it'll all look like, should HS2 seriously actually happen for real. Read More >>

HS2 is Already Transporting Gravy to Staff Troughs

Outrage has been sparked by HS2, and it hasn't even got so far as cancelling services and laying on replacement buses for an entire bank holiday weekend. This outrage is to do with staff salaries, with data showing that a significant chunk of its current staff are already staggering under the weight of all the money they're taking home in the boots of their Audis. Read More >>

Chinese Rail Giants Tipped to Win HS2 Operator Contract

The two Chinese entrants on the HS2 operator bids shortlist are likely to win, according to sources, not just because they're the best and have the deepest, state-backed pockets, but also due to the UK's rail franchises not exactly filling everyone with confidence. Read More >>

HS2 Cost Rises by £2m to Buy Trees

The government is putting another couple of million into the cash pile that's to pay for HS2, with a plan to build what it calls a "Green Corridor" along parts of the line seeing the planting of millions of trees. Read More >>

First Potential HS2 Architecture Revealed

They really do seem to be serious about building that new chunk of high-speed train track in the UK, with today seeing a key component of the line revealed in the form of concept images of what the 3.4km Colne Valley viaduct might look like. Read More >>

theme parks
Bear Grylls Theme Park Clashes With HS2

Yes, there really is a theme park being built based around Bear Grylls, in which attendees get to pay probably loads of money to have extreme outdoors adventures in a safe, captive environment, with a cafe for afterwards and t-shirts and knives and fire-starting kits for sale in the shop. It's being built by Alton Towers owner Merlin, but that's not why we've gathered you here around these screens. Read More >>

HS2’s Trains May be Built in Britain

The government has revealed the shortlist of manufacturers that want to build the trains that'll be smashing it along HS2's tracks at some point further into the future than anyone can currently imagine, with Derby-based builder Bombardier in the running. Read More >>

Sheffield Left Off New HS2 Route Plans

The new route for the second phase of the high-speed rail line has been unveiled by the government, with HS2 set to run from Crewe to Manchester and connect the West Midlands to Leeds. Read More >>

New Rail Franchise Invented to Run HS2

The government's created a new rail franchise to take control of HS2 and apologising to angry people on Twitter when the S isn't H enough, with the future high-speed line to be operated by West Coast Partnership. Read More >>

Proposed New HS2 Route Would Jeopardise Brand New £30m Housing Estate

Another week, another bit of HS2-shaming. The latest is that the proposed new phase 2 route for the high-speed line would cut through a South Yorkshire housing estate that’s so new it’s not even been finished yet. Read More >>

HS2 High-Speed Rail 2026 Target Thrown Into Doubt by NAO Report

HS2 is in a fresh spot of bother, with a new report from the National Audit Office (NAO) suggesting that the high-speed rail project isn’t quite on track, thanks to an overly-ambitious schedule and financial pressures. Read More >>

HS2 Trains in Will They/Won’t They Derail at Top Speed Shambles

Claims and counter-claims have once again engulfed the development of that new train line, with the latest shock development concerning a suggestion that HS2's trains might just fly off the rails should they hit their planned top speed of 360km/h. Read More >>

We Should Make HS2 Slower, Say Fast Train Haters

Those against the building of the UK's second, much longer bit of high speed rail line would like to see its top speeds capped, as a way of making it quieter and more environmentally sound. Read More >>

HS2 Route May be Changed, as People Don’t Want the ‘Tree of the Year’ to be Chopped Down

The construction of the HS2 high-speed rail line could be disrupted because people have suddenly decided that they like a tree. The Cubbington pear tree in Warwickshire has just been crowned the ‘Tree of the Year’ (it's a thing, alright), and is due to be chopped down because it lies on the planned line of the high-speed railway. Read More >>