We’ve Reached Peak Smartphone

Two things became apparent after the end of the Spring 2016 Smartphone Glut. One: Android is still a second-class citizen when it comes to gaming, and two: smartphones are in a ridiculously boring place. Read More >>

When it Comes to Gaming, the iPhone Will Always Stomp the Competition

OK. The great spring phone glut is over. The big manufacturers have revealed their flagship devices. Apple even joined in with a cheaper alternative to its flagship iPhone. I’ve spent the last few months benchmarking a lot of phones, and something has become exceedingly clear: all the CPU and GPU benchmarks in the world can’t compare to real world performance when it comes to mobile gaming. And in the real world Apple stomps its Android competitors. Read More >>

HTC 10 Review: A Last Grasp at Greatness

When giants fall, they fall spectacularly, and HTC’s descent over the last few years has been remarkable to watch. After creating a trendsetting phone in 2013, it imploded just two years later with sluggish and poorly-reviewed follow-ups. Their newest phone, the HTC 10, is about crawling back from obscurity. While remnants of its old design clings to the familiar shiny and chrome exterior, almost everything inside this phone is reinvention: from the speakers to the software to the camera. Read More >>

htc 10 review
Where and When You Can Buy the HTC 10 in the UK

Earlier this afternoon HTC lifted the veil of secrecy and unleashed the HTC 10 onto the world. If you've seen the announcement post and decided that you like what you see, then you might be wondering where you can get one. Read More >>

HTC 10 Hands-On: An “Android OS Reboot”

They’re a mixed bag, reboots. For every Mad Max: Fury Road, you get a Man of Steel or a Total Recall. It’s risky taking something once loved and then hoping that lightning can strike once more. But that’s the plan with the HTC 10, a phone the company believe is the device (and I quote Darren Sng, HTC’s Head of Global Product Marketing, on this) to “reboot Android.” Read More >>

Here’s the HTC 10 in All Its Leaked-Reveal-Trailer Glory

In this age of constant leaks and supply chain spy photos, you really have to wonder what point there is to having a big fancy launch event for a phone. The latest to fall foul of having a leaker rain on its parade is HTC, which has had its HTC 10 reveal trailer posted online a day ahead of the phone's official reveal: Read More >>

HTC 10 Leak Shows Off OIS Selfie Camera Surprise

HTC hasn’t pulled any punches when it's come to talking up its next flagship. The company has repeatedly built up expectations surrounding the HTC 10’s camera credentials in particular, and the latest leaks point to a selfie cam with optical image stabilisation. Read More >>

New HTC 10 Specs Leaks Suggest Strong Camera and Battery Credentials

HTC is set to launch the follow-up to last year’s One M9 in just under two weeks, and various leaks suggest that Android fans won't be left wanting by the company's next flagship. Last time out, the main concerns were battery life and the rear camera, but according to a spec sheet posted online by GFX Bench, the new smartphone will stand up to current Android heavyweight the Samsung Galaxy S7 with a 12-megapixel main sensor, capable of capturing 4K video. Read More >>

Cheap HTC 10 Model Reportedly Set to Launch Alongside Flagship

Seemingly unfazed by the world’s overwhelmingly-negative opinion of the One A9, fresh reports suggest that the Taiwanese company is cooking up a mid-range version of the HTC 10, which could launch alongside the upcoming flagship. Read More >>

HTC 10 Set to Focus on Monster Battery Life

More details about HTC’s next flagship have dropped, with prolific leaker Evan Blass claiming that the M10 will feature a 3,000mAh battery and and a Super LCD 5 display. We certainly hope the rumour regarding stamina proves true. Samsung’s Galaxy S7 also features a 3,000mAh engine, and it’s capable of blasting through two days of use off a single charge. If the M10 can come anywhere near that, we’ll be mighty happy. Read More >>

HTC 10 Rumours, Release Date, Leaks and News: Everything You Need to Know

HTC was once the toast of Android, with the One M7 and One M8 in particular lauded for their looks, performance and camera credentials. The One M9, however, was really disappointing. The Taiwanese firm needs to come up trumps with its 2016 release, or else risk falling further behind the likes of Samsung, Apple and LG. Read More >>

Here’s the Beautiful HTC 10 in All Four of its Colour Schemes

Farewell, mystery. A bunch of unusually-clear leaked images are making the rounds, and show what the upcoming HTC 10, or HTC One M10, will look like in all four colour schemes. The pics come courtesy of Evan Blass and, unsurprisingly, it looks like the handset will come in white, gold, silver and black models -- sorry, I mean glacier silver with a white front, topaz gold, glacier silver with a black front and carbon gray. So much for my hopes of a tartan number. Read More >>