HTC Desire 650 UK Release Date Confirmed: Time To Get Your Groove On

HTC has confirmed that its new handset, the HTC Desire 650, will be released in the UK in February. Representing the "functional but fun" ethos of the Desire line, the handset has an unusual back panel design that's half smooth and half grooved. HTC says the ribbed texture "offers enhanced ergonomics for a more comfortable experience" and "adds extra security in your hand with a firmer grip, while also letting you know just by touch which way is up." Read More >>

HTC Desire 820 is a Powerful 64-Bit Android Mid-Ranger

A "mid tier hero", if such a phone can exist, HTC's Desire 820 is an intriguing device. Despite being directed at the less-expensive mid-range end of the market, it's the world's first to sport Qualcomm's powerful new 64-bit, 1.5GHz quad core Snapdragon 615 processor. Read More >>

The Best Display Under Bright Light: It’s Not Your iPhone

Brightness ratings and contrast ratio make for lovely tech spec reading when you're shopping for a new device. But neither tells you how usable a display will actually be in everyday ambient light situations. So DisplayMate put some of the more popular options to the test. Read More >>