HTC’s Flying a Nexus 7 Android Tablet Competitor to Our Shores

Looks like the 7-inch tablet wars are truly upon us. Google's in there already, Apple's rumoured to be joining the party, and one of the original 7-inch crew, HTC, is firing another tablet into the mix. The HTC Flyer's getting a successor and it's heading to the UK. Read More >>

The HTC Flyer Is Your “I Simply Can’t Wait, I Must Have My 7-Inch Android Tablet Right Now!” Deal of the Day

As we all know, Google have recently arrived on the tablet scene, stomping about the place with their flash little Nexus 7, waving it arrogantly in all of our faces and insisting that we buy it. But you don't HAVE to do what Google say all of the time. Read More >>

Cheap Motion Gaming Is Your Work-Off-All-That-Easter-Chocolate-By-Gaming Deal of the Day

It’s DOUBLE BUBBLE DAY here today, as we pump not one but TWO special offers into your trembling, bewildered faces, both of them giving you the chance to bring your games controlling nightmares to an end. Read More >>

Eggheads Is Your Old-Fashioned Board Game Deal of the Day

Sometimes, all the gadgetry and technology that we feature here becomes a bit too overwhelming and we yearn, nay hanker for a return to simpler, analogue times. Today is such a day. Read More >>

Cheap Tablets Are Your Portable Portals to Jimmy Savile Fan-Sites Deal of the Day

It’s said that Sir Jimmy Savile’s final words were: “I oversaw the age of the train. The fact that I won’t oversee the age of the tablet computer has broken my heart. Goodbye world.” More or less – we might have embellished some of that a little bit. Read More >>

New Kindle Highlights the Continuing “Rip-Off Britain” Exchange Rate Misery

"Oh great! A new tech thing has been announced in America for a surprisingly affordable price! Can't wait to... oh" Read More >>